Wednesday 27 November 2013

Winter Cold Skin Saviours - Lanolips & Aromatherapy Associates

 For the past week I have been suffering from a cold and with it comes all the side effects... dry, cracked and splitting lips, sore nostrils from the constant streaming and sneezing, feeling snuffly and finding it hard to breathe. On top of that until today I had lost my sense of smell and only now it has still returned for things that have a STRONG scent. So as you can image on top of the sore throat and temperature I have not been feeling too well!

Well the lovely people at Lanolips and Aromatherapy Associates kindly sent me some products to try out..

I present to you a little winter cold survival kit that has been helping to ease my symptoms and make me feel a bit better :)

Top of my list is the humble pocket tissue, portable and a staple at home and in the handbag, I like the Luxury Soft Satin Tissues from Tesco - these are soft but strong and don't flake which super important.

Lemsip Cold & Flu sachets in Lemon - Lemsip really works but if you don't have any at home, a couple of paracetamols, honey and fresh lemon in hot water can help too..

Every time I opened my mouth (I talk a lot) or smiled my lip would split, Vaseline wasn't going to do the job (tried it)  so I turned to Lanolips 101 Ointment £11.22 in Boots. This has worked a treat, soothing and hydrating my dry, chapped lips and healing the recurring split so I am suffering no longer. I have also used it with success on my sore, red nose. This is also fab for popping out on the school run on cold mornings as it protects the lips and imparts a delicate sheen which I love.

Lanolips 101 Ointment is made from 100% Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin and Lanolin Oil. It is extremely rich and is best used warmed up. I rolled the tube between my hands to warm up the product and make it easier to squeeze out of the tube. It has no fragrance or colour (useful when I am applying to my nose!)

101 Ointment can also be used on dry, itching skin, cuticles and as it is baby friendly can be used on nursing nipples and more! The packaging is sweet and is perfect for carrying around.

I am finding the Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence £17 invaluable for easing congestion and stuffiness. It has really helped me to breathe and it smells so good! This essence contains Eucalyptus, tea-tree (anti-bacterial properties) and peppermint oils.

I find it soothing and calming, giving me such a sense of well being that I love sniffing a tissue with a few drops of it on it and inhaling ... gorgeous for anytime!

*Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence is not recommended in pregnancy 


  1. Winter is such a beauty headache! I've just got the Lanolips so looking forward to trying that. Is the Aromatherapy Associate a bit like Olbas Oil? Thanks!


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