Friday 29 October 2010

Fabulous Pearl Jewellery

I am a huge, huge fan of Pearl Jewellery as readers of this blog and my twitter followers will be aware and these items have really caught my eye!

'Halo' range - freshwater pearl and Swarovski round crystals

Bracelet - £24 in Sterling Sliver
Pendant - £21 in Sterling Silver
Earrings - £14.50 in Sterling Silver

And this bracelet from the 'Hope' range - freshwater pearls and crystal rhinestone balls

This is also £24 in Sterling Silver (rhinestone balls are silver plated)

For more details (there are lots of options on the site) and to place an order, these are available from the gorgeous Lisa @

Thursday 28 October 2010

Guest Blogging!!

Today I am guest blogging over at a fab beauty shopping website that houses some of my favourite and great brands :-)

Please go read the first of my 3 blog posts for them

And enjoy!

Link here

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Vamp it up this Halloween....

I am loving these items from 17 for this Halloween and at such great prices too!

Lasting Fix Lipstick in New Black - £3.49

This is a deeply pigmented colour that is purple/black - Make sure your lips are in tip top condition though as you do not want the colour to sit on dry skin, it will really show by being deeper in colour. Long lasting colour. I did a swatch on my hand and the remnants were still there a day and many washes later.

Fast Finish Nail Polish in Gemstone  - £2.99

This promises to dry in 60 seconds and it does, fantastic for a busy mum like me who doesn't really have the time to wait for the polish to dry... gorgeous plum colour too that I will be wearing long after Halloween is over. The applicator is quite short, so its quite fiddly to apply. This picture is of one coat.

Make sure you wear an undercoat though as this stains!

What will you be wearing this Halloween?

Monday 25 October 2010

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream & Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

Elemis - winner of Best British Brand at the CEW awards 2010 - has been one of those brands that I wanted to try but the products are most definitely in the Premium range of skincare..

I managed to get my hands on some samples of these two products and I have been wowed. I love the texture - light cream, instantly absorbing and smells divine (if a little like Dentine), I keep sniffing my fingers as I love it so much.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - £75 for 50mls - Suitable for all skin types

Claims - Clinically proven to:

Reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 78%
Increase skin hydration and moisture levels by up to 45%*

A powerful anti-ageing cream provides a progressive lifting effect through increased collagen support. The dynamic combination of ingredients helps to deliver visible results within 15 days.

I used this in conjunction with - 

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream - £90 for 50mls - Suitable for all skin types

Claims -

Formulated with a powerful combination of concentrated actives including Padina Pavonica and Anti-Ageing Hexapeptide, this moisture-rich cream gel stimulates collagen synthesis, increases oxygen levels by up to 41%* and provides anti-oxidant protection.

What I found - There was a definite visible improvement in my skin - my husband actually commented on the plumpness of my skin and he wasn't aware I was trying these products. He said that I am looking younger and my skin looks bright - so a thumbs up from both of us.

I am sad though now that my samples have finished as I really enjoyed using them but they are definitely on the Christmas List - I wonder if I will be lucky enough to find myself unwrapping these on Christmas day ?

Available to purchase from or Elemis stockists.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss - Review

This item was pictured in my chocolate feature  as it is scented with raspberry and chocolate - mmmmm!

What Soap & Glory say

Extreme formula lip plumping gloss, with scientifically-proven plumping microspheres that explode in volume up to 10x when they come in contact with water. (They’re like tiny, dehydrated little sponges that expand when you apply them onto your lips. We’ve also formulated Sexy Mother™ Pucker with a rare circulation enhancing ingredient that gives your lips a little ‘electric’ buzz, to move more blood around the area, creating the swelling effect mentioned above).

With promises like that I couldn't wait to get my hands on this product! Who doesn't want to have an amazing pout and without surgery?

I tried the yummy plum version

Before pic -

Wearing gloss

Now for the first few minutes this didn't tingle at all and I was wondering if mine was a dud... and then it started and it got stronger and stronger (if I am totally honest it was a bit painful, and I am not good with pain) and I was wondering how long this would go on for ...the answer 1 hour!!! My lips tingled for an hour and I made the mistake of licking my lips and ended up with a tingling tongue too - oops!

The colour is gorgeous my husband's words) and the gloss is fantastic, didn't feel sticky on my lips at all in fact it was really rather nice. I just am really not sure that I want my lips to tingle for that long to get the effect that it achieved...

Have you tried this product, what did you think ?

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss is also available in other yummy flavours and is £8 for 7ml

Available to purchase from Harvey Nichols, Boots and of course online from

Wednesday 20 October 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a lover of beauty there are lots of fabulous items on the market that if purchased will go towards raising money for this great cause.

If you haven't already purchased anything or perhaps don't know what is available, I have listed my favourite items below so get buying now before it is too late!

Fans of Elemis will love this Limited Edition 'Sparkling Beauty Collection' RRP £50 but worth £93!

Comprising of

Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust in Pink 'Boob Tube', 15ml
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream in exclusive pink jar, 30ml (my favourite!)
Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, 14 Caps
Visible Brilliance, 10ml
Elemis Eau De Parfum, 4ml

Available from, salons and selected retail stores

Elemis have pledged £10,000 to Breast Cancer Care.

Clinique fans will love the Limited Edition products that they have brought out

Special Edition Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion -RRP £35 for 200ml - Exclusive to Selfridges

For each Limited Edition Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion sold in Selfridges during October 2010, £2 will be donated in total to the appeal. (£1 will be donated by Clinique and £1 donated by Selfridges to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s study at the UK Institute of Cancer

Long Last SPF15 Gloss Key Chain - RRP £15 - Exclusive to Boots

I love this keychain - Three gorgeous shades of gloss all together on an exclusive handy key chain complete with a pink ribbon charm. Exclusively designed for Breast Cancer Awareness and the must have for your keys this October. 

For each Limited Edition Long Last Glosswear SPF15 “Pink Ribbon Key Chain” sold in Boots during October 2010, £2 will be donated in total to the appeal. (£1 will be donated by Clinique and £1 donated by Boots to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s study at the UK Institute of Cancer 

Bobbi Brown has created this gorgeous (and my favourite offering) Pink Ribbon Shimmer Brick with a limited edition case featuring the Bobbi Brown logo in pink - £29.50 with all proceeds excluding VAT going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's research study at The Royal Marsden.

And lastly, my favourite Tweezer Company - Tweezerman have brought out pink ribbon tweezers at £22 and worth every penny, mine have lasted years! £2 from each limited edition tweezers sold will go to Breast Cancer Campaign

What items will you be buying this October?

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation & Matte SPF15 Foundation

I know that there are many fans of mineral make-up particularly foundations and felt it was about time to do a review or two on them. I had only had one experience of Mineral Foundation from a different brand prior to trying Bare Minerals and I just didn't didn't get on with it at all. I found it hard to apply and it left what I felt was a cakey finish and showed up the pores on my skin.

The lovely people at Bare Minerals sent me 2 samples of their foundation in the hope that I would change my mind and opinion of mineral foundation. They also very kindly spent time explaining to me how to apply - by swirling your brush into the powder, tapping the excess off and then buffing it onto the skin in circular motions

Original in shade Medium Beige - £22 for 8g 

I like this foundation, I won't lie I still find it all a bit too much faff to apply and it takes a lot longer to do than my usual and still preferred liquid foundation. My pores still show up so lots of buffing needed to make them disappear. The end result though is very nice and was in actual fact a perfect match for my skin tone - it leaves my skin looking clear and bright, glowy but not oily. It feels so light that I don't feel like I am wearing anything at all. For me, the major plus points of this foundation were that it gave excellent coverage that completely covered the slight redness that I have on my inner cheek areas and the fact that I did not need a separate concealer at all.

Matte in shade Medium Beige - £24 for 6g

This is the latest foundation from Bare Minerals and I have to say that I wasn't as keen on this version compared to the Original.Although the coverage was exactly the same as what I have written above, I felt my skin appeared duller than I would like. Readers of my blog will know that I like bright, dewy foundations that luminate my skin. If you are a fan of the matte look than this foundation will appeal. The added benefits of this version are that it absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine.

I am still not convinced that I will be replacing my usual liquid foundation - I find it a lot quicker to apply but maybe my application is at fault. I am considering visiting a Bare Minerals counter to have a make-over done to see how the professionals apply it.

Do you use mineral foundations? Which one do you use?

If you would like to try Bare Minerals it is available from Debenhams, House of Fraser and Selfridge's and QVC!

Monday 18 October 2010

Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester - Review

I absolutely love Afternoon Tea and have been quite a few times already. I try to have it at least once a year. However, lucky old me has actually been 3 times this year!

My husband and I visited The Dorchester for Afternoon Tea in January of this year, just after Christmas. It was a great time of year as The Dorchester was still decorated for Christmas -There was a huge Christmas Tree in the foyer.  There was also the threat or should that be the promise of snow...

We arrived in plenty of time and deposited our thick coats with the attendants and sat down to enjoy our 'experience'. The venue - The Promenade - is a long corridor of a room, with seating arranged down the centre of the room and on either side - imagine 3 long rows. We were seated in the centre on a double armchair with a big sausage cushion separating me from the other guest and Nik (my husband) sat opposite on a huge Chair .. as he is 6ft 2 and I am a mere but not insignificant 4ft 11 we looked ridiculous so we swapped. I looked like Alice in Wonderland sat in this huge chair but at least we were now level.

As we are not huge Champagne drinkers we opted for the Traditional Afternoon Tea which is priced at £35.50 per person. Prior to our visit I had also emailed a dietary requirement of a non dairy option for Nik so we were curious as to what this would comprise of....

The waiter brought us our menu of tea to choose from - Nik selected the Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea and I opted for the 'house' tea - The Dorchester Blend - A blend of silvery Ceylon and golden Assam.

We were then brought our finger sandwiches, a selection of 4 types - Cucumber with cream cheese on caraway seed bread, egg mayonnaise with shiso cress on white bread, chicken with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise on basil bread and finally smoked salmon on granary bread. Nik's versions came without the dairy and they did bring a different sandwich instead of the Cucumber and cream cheese but sadly my memory fails me as to what it was.

After 3 plates of sandwiches and endless cups of the nicest of teas, we decided to move on to the scones - oh I love warm scones - 2 varieties were on offer - plain and raisin, jam and clotted cream. You have to be careful though as if you eat too many you will not be able to have the pastries/desserts to finish. A real treat of pastries desserts were on offer, tiny enough to be finger size but big enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

I decided to change my tea at this point and the waiter  was able to recommend me a tea which unfortunately wasn't really to my taste - Bangkok ( green tea blend of lemon grass, ginger and coconut) if you like ginger this may appeal- but he was a cheerful soul and so attentive that I didn't mind one bit and he wasn't offended either ...He then brought me another teapot containing his recommendation - Paris - and this time I was in heaven - this tea is truly fabulous and one of my favourite teas ever. This black tea blend is flavoured with fruit, Bergamot and caramel - very, very nice and highly recommended. If, however none of these appeal there are plenty more to choose from!

So there I was sat with 3 teapots on my table as well as Nik's! How many teapots can a lady need? Good job the table was big enough to take it all! I am sure had I asked they would have removed them.

As Nik couldn't have the scones he was brought a huge platter of fresh fruit to the table and we had many a longing look from the other guests at this feast of was very nice of them to do this, there was so much fruit he could barely finish it all. So I got to enjoy some fruit too and he didn't feel left out that he couldn't have the scones and some of the pastries.

To my delight we were sat right near the pianist :-) I loved listening to him play so exquisitely and with such elegance. So relaxing.

You can see him just behind me in this picture

And a picture of Nik and I enjoying The Afternoon Tea and his huge platter of fruit! Click on the picture for a closer look.

Well after all this food - it is deceivingly filling so you do need to pace yourself - we were left content and happy with all aspects of the day. We were there for just under 2 hours and Nik said this has been his favourite Afternoon Tea.

The day ended perfectly with snow flakes tumbling down as we left - truly magical. A perfect way to spend a cold wintry afternoon.

Afternoon Tea is served at The Dorchester 5 times a day. Please check website for more details and booking.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

I must admit I have tended to stay away from Lush stores, I found the smell emitted from them slightly overpowering. However, I like the whole concept so I braved the smell and found that once inside it was an appealing market place style shop full of enticing fresh products. I soon found myself wanting to purchase a whole lot more than I intended to and had to literally be dragged out of the store by my husband.

Whilst I was there I picked up a sample of their famous Ultrabland Cleanser.

I have been using this now for over a week (the sample has gone a long way) and the results are favourable. It is described as bland but effective. The Lush website says - "With a new almond oil base, this cream cleanser takes off make-up and cares for your face. It's gentle, but the deeply-cleansing oils reach down and remove stubborn dirt".

It is thick,yellow and gloopy. I also found it to be unscented. I put a little between my fingers to soften it a little and then massaged it into my face, it left it looking like I had smeared margarine all over it, greasy and oily looking. Then I used a warm muslin cloth to remove the cleanser from my face. It is a very effective cleanser,  removing some heavy make up! My skin was bright, felt very clean and soft. It leaves a waxy residue on the face (much like Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser) but if you use a toner then that residue disappears.

Ingredients -

Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Rose Water (Rosa damascena), Beeswax (Cera alba), Honey, Fresh Iris Extract (Iris florentina), Glycerine, Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena), Tincture of Benzoin (Styrax benzoin), Methylparaben, Propylparaben

I would definitely purchase this cleanser.

Ultrabland costs £5.75 for 45g or £9.25 for 100g from Lush stores or online at

Thursday 14 October 2010

Barbara Daly Long Lash Mascara for Tesco in Black

I was recently sent this mascara as a thank you for filling in an online survey for Tesco.

The packaging is basic, nothing to rave about. The wand is light and the actual brush quite nice, seemed to coat each individual lash but it just felt wet on my lashes, not a feeling that I really like.

So what was it like ?

I would do pictures but really there is nothing at all to see, honestly, I kept applying more and more mascara with no effect whatsoever. 4 coats later and still no change. I asked my husband to look at my eyes and his reply was " yes natural eyes, nothing on them" and then I told him that I had applied mascara, he was surprised!

No black colour, no lengthening, no curling, nada.

Sorry Barbara D and Tesco, this is one mascara I will definitely be leaving on the shelf!

What do you think?

Do you use any Barbara Daly products - any that you would recommend me to try ?

Tuesday 12 October 2010

LilyLolo Mineral Blush in Clementine and Choc Fudge Cake Eyeshadow

Following on from yesterday's post on Juicy Peach , I thought I would take a picture for you to see the Clementine on, it is slighter pinker but still peachy, so warmer in tone. Again a great value product, long lasting colour. Big thumbs up to LilyLolo. Actually I cannot decide which one to go for, what do you think ?

Choc Fudge Cake Eyeshadow

I included this in my Chocolate feature but I feel it deserves a picture of it on me to show just how pretty this is. I was smitten the first time I wore this and have already worn it nearly every time I have gone out. The pigment is good and it is long wearing, so hours later it is still on my eyes immaculate as if I have just applied it. The more you apply the more chocolatey purple it becomes

I have been really impressed with the LilyLolo products that I have tried that I will be revisiting the website as they have lots of great looking shades.

Blusher available full size for £7 from

Eyeshadow available for £5 from

Monday 11 October 2010

LilyLolo Mineral Blush in Juicy Peach - Review

I have heard a lot of people singing the praises of LilyLolo but I have always been nervous of buying products online that I haven't seen first so thus far have shied away from ordering from them.

However,  for my chocolate feature I really wanted their rather fabulous sounding Choc Fudge Cake EyeShadow and decided to bite the bullet and buy online. What could go wrong? And while I was there I thought why not pick up some samples of blusher too....

I may post about the eyeshadow tomorrow - Let me know if you would like to see it with pics of Clementine :-)

Which brings me onto the blusher - for 75p each I ordered samples of Juicy Peach and Clementine (Pics of me wearing it will be on tomorrow's post)

And Juicy Peach on

What can I say but I am loving Juicy Peach, such a pretty colour, subtle and it really suits me, I have never tried a peachy shade blusher before but this is perfect and long lasting. I will be placing an order for the full size very soon! I have a feeling I will be visiting the LilyLolo site more often now ......

Full size Juicy Peach Blusher is £7 from

Have you used LilyLolo before, what do you think ?

Sunday 10 October 2010

My Chocolate Indulgence

I love chocolate. It is a rare woman that doesn't .... and although it is very tasty, it is not always good for the waistline. However, as it is Chocolate week (11-17th October - an excellent chance to take part in lots of chocolate related events),  I thought I would take a moment to indulge and share with you some gorgeous and useful chocolate inspired beauty products!

Click on picture to enlarge

Mmmmm, let's go!

Featured products

Avon Footworks Chocolate & Pomegranate Smoothing Scrub
This smells chocolatey and sweet - and it works! £4.50 from Avon

Avon Footworks Chocolate & Pomegranate Moisturising Cream Non greasy and effective moisturiser. £4.50 from Avon

Ciaté Paint Pot in Mines A Mocha A gorgeous chocolate brown nail polish £9 from

Ciaté White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover Smells like an ordinary nail polish remover until it has dried when it leaves your nails smelling like yummy chocolate! £14 from

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Looks like a bar of chocolate. An easy to use bronzer, where more application provides a deeper colour, with the added bonus that it is slightly scented of chocolate. £6.99 from

Karin Herzog Finest Chocolate Cleansing Delicious smelling and highly effective oil based cleanser suitable for all skin types. Smells like the finest hot chocolate! 50 mls for £32 from

Clinique Colour Surge Buttershine Lipstick in Chocolate Ice A glossy and moisturising chocolate coloured lipstick. Lovely! £14.50 from

Lilylolo Mineral Eyeshadow in Chocolate Fudge Cake
Pretty, well pigmented and long lasting eyeshadow in a chocolate shade with undertones of purple - £5.49 from

Soap and Glory Super Colour Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Yummy Plum 
Chocolate/Raspberry flavour - £8 from

Also featured...
Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Giant Slabs £13.50 each  from Hotel Chocolat.
100% Pure Mulberry Silk Premiére Pillowcase, anti-ageing benefits and smooth hair. Comes with a free "hotel style" chocolate for your pillow. £29.99 from

Thursday 7 October 2010

A gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration

If you are anything like me you will start looking round about now for all things related to Christmas as  the best things sell out very quickly.

I absolutely love this gorgeous and sparkly snowflake tree decoration created by the very talented Kerri Miller @ Starstruck Designs.

Made from Swarovski crystal and set in sterling silver plated rhodium, suspended from pure white, double faced satin ribbon I am sure this will make a great addition on the tree!

This is available from  for £14.

Special Offer - 10% off next 50 orders (quote code RLAUNCH) 

Yes to Carrots C the Difference Exfoliating and Smoothing Mud Mask

I first came across the Yes To Carrots range of products in the beauty section of a Sunday magazine and as I hadn't heard of it before was keen to find out more. So I carried out the obligatory google search and found out a bit more about the company (they also have a Yes To Tomatoes range) and was keen to try it out for the following reasons -

It is Paraben free
It is Organic
It uses Dead Sea mud and minerals
It contains fruit and vegetables

This mask promises to tone, purify and revitalise. Use it once a week by applying a thin layer all over your cleansed face avoiding eyes and mouth. Allow to penetrate and dry for 5 minutes. Remove using a damp cloth.

As this product is aimed at Dry to Sensitive skin, today's guest review comes from my adorable (fussy about what she uses) little sister Roxanna -

Here are her comments about the mask

1. It seems quite hard to apply, very thick and paste like, didn't glide with my fingers however my face looked like the traditional "girls night in mask" the type you would see in the movies!

2. I quite like that there is no strong smell and that it dries nicely within the 5 minute timeframe. I have quite sensitive eyes and when products such as masks or creams are placed near them they tend to water. My eyes did not water with this product which was a nice surprise.

3. When washing it off, it formed lumpy bits but despite this was easy to remove.

4. Once it was all off and I patted my face dry, I noticed the parts of my face that had blemishes appeared clearer

5. The overall feeling of my face seemed to have transformed in the total of 7 minutes.  It felt much softer and very silky! My skin sometimes when using other products dries out again fast and becomes tight but using this mask I haven't felt any dryness, in fact it feels hydrated.

6. Would I say Yes To Carrots??? I WOULD NOW! :)

Thanks Roxanna for trying the mask for me.

The Yes To range is available from Debenhams stores nationwide.

C the Difference mask is priced £11.99 for 50mls

Look out for future reviews of products from the Yes To range.

Revlon Limited Edition Multi-Use Palette by Gucci Westman

If you like Revlon products like I do, then you will love this Limited Edition Multi -Use Palette.

Used at Paris, London and New York fashion weeks and on the Red Carpet by Gucci Westman.

A do-it-all  palette of modern textures, rich tones, muted pastels and a vibrant pop of colour for lips. A veritable winter wardrobe of modern, gorgeous shades. Includes 2 cream eye shadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blusher and lipstick with brush all in one compact palette.

"My inspiration came from women in fashion in the 1920's Art Deco period and fashion illustrations, all of the saturated pigments and the unexpected pops of colour but still wearable and work for everyone" Gucci Westman.

Isn't it time you wrapped yourself in glamour ?

But be quick! Launches 20th October 2010 Exclusive to
Spend £20 on Revlon Cosmetics and get the Limited Edition palette FREE

Tuesday 5 October 2010

No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream

Boots have relaunched their successful Protect and Perfect Day Cream to now include SPF15 with 5* UVA rated protection. This was after research showed that it was one of the major causes of  skin ageing and that if we protected our skin year round and not just on our annual holiday it could significantly reduce and prevent wrinkles*.

On paper this would appear to be the perfect moisturiser for me. It sounds great, so I was eager to try it.

It comes in a glass container in the classic Boots No7 packaging. However, having now tried a pump action moisturiser, I prefer this to dipping my fingers into a pot. It is lightly scented with rose and pleasant enough (I love all things rose, as regular readers will know!), but it just smelt a little old fashioned for me personally. And the texture, again was very much "traditional".

Close up showing the traditional consistency of the cream
Day One - Well it absorbed nicely, felt nice and the scent faded - so far so good.

Unfortunately by Day Two I had the most and biggest spots I think I have ever had!! So I am afraid to say I won't be using it again - I just couldn't risk it. I have returned to my usual cream and my skin has settled.

I must admit I am surprised. I have used No7 skincare products in the past and they have been fine for my skin type. In fact, over the years I have used and tried many different creams and I haven't had a reaction like this one before.

I think it may just be too rich for me, which is a pity as the research and concept behind it is fabulous.

What do you think? Will you be trying this, or do you already use it?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Available for £20.50 for 50 mls at Boots Counters and

*More information on this research is available on the Boots website.

Monday 4 October 2010

NOTD - OPI - Dulce De Leche

I picked up Dulce De Leche from OPI at Olympia Beauty. It looked so pretty in the bottle and just leapt up out of the counter at me (and there were lots of shades to choose from!). I cannot resist names that just well sound enticing, sweet and food related - This means Caramel Milk in Spanish :-)

It is a beautiful creamy nude colour, ever so slightly pink in tone. Applies smoothly and leaves a nice glossy finish.

I think it is really wearable,  I was looking for a shade just like this to wear and I am so glad I purchased this at the show as I can imagine wearing it a lot this winter.

This was achieved in 2 coats.

What do you think?

Available to purchase from an OPI stockist - around £9.95

Sunday 3 October 2010

Celebrating 10 years of Eyeko Event

I was delighted to be invited to the Eyeko event. Whilst it was pouring with rain outside, we were being showered inside with cocktails, canapés and cupcakes to celebrate Eyeko being 10 years old.

Ready to leave...
Arriving at the venue, Wenlock and Essex

The Eyeko Logo
 Lola's cupcakes and Firefly Natural drinks

Amongst all the great people,  I met the lovely Catherine (PerfectlyPolished), and here we are enjoying some wonderful cocktails - mine is a Cherry Bellini.

And before we got on to the serious business of makeup we had some time to enjoy some delicious finger food...

Fish and "chip" anyone?

Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tart
At the event there were fun activites such as Tarot reading, as well as the chance to have your nails done and have a make over using Eyeko products. A real Beauty Blogger's treat!

We then met the owners - the brains and beauty behind Eyeko - the utterly gorgeous Nina pictured below and Max (but he wanted to stay behind the camera!).

Nina is sat next to me
We had a sneeky peek of some new Eyeko products.  I am really impressed, they are very exciting, great colours and pigments and at such great affordable prices too!

Fat Balms, Twist Lipsticks and Blushers
My favourite were the blushers, packaged in a cute box, flick open once and you get the blush, flick open another lid and you have a mirror and brush.

I look forward to becoming better acquainted with Eyeko products as they look fab and I am sure the new products will be featuring on my blog very soon.....

Thank you for a great and successful event and very generous goody bag, much appreciated and it was a real pleasure to meet everyone behind Eyeko and the other bloggers.

Coming soon: Reviews of the London Lips Glosses, Polishes, Magic Mascara, Line and Shine Duo Colour Eyepencil, Graffiti Eyeliner Pen, Tinted Cream and Cream with Extra Glow!

Eyeko products are available to purchase online from If you enter my special code in the comments box when you check out, you will even get a free gift! The code is: E11274


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