Tuesday 19 October 2010

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation & Matte SPF15 Foundation

I know that there are many fans of mineral make-up particularly foundations and felt it was about time to do a review or two on them. I had only had one experience of Mineral Foundation from a different brand prior to trying Bare Minerals and I just didn't didn't get on with it at all. I found it hard to apply and it left what I felt was a cakey finish and showed up the pores on my skin.

The lovely people at Bare Minerals sent me 2 samples of their foundation in the hope that I would change my mind and opinion of mineral foundation. They also very kindly spent time explaining to me how to apply - by swirling your brush into the powder, tapping the excess off and then buffing it onto the skin in circular motions

Original in shade Medium Beige - £22 for 8g 

I like this foundation, I won't lie I still find it all a bit too much faff to apply and it takes a lot longer to do than my usual and still preferred liquid foundation. My pores still show up so lots of buffing needed to make them disappear. The end result though is very nice and was in actual fact a perfect match for my skin tone - it leaves my skin looking clear and bright, glowy but not oily. It feels so light that I don't feel like I am wearing anything at all. For me, the major plus points of this foundation were that it gave excellent coverage that completely covered the slight redness that I have on my inner cheek areas and the fact that I did not need a separate concealer at all.

Matte in shade Medium Beige - £24 for 6g

This is the latest foundation from Bare Minerals and I have to say that I wasn't as keen on this version compared to the Original.Although the coverage was exactly the same as what I have written above, I felt my skin appeared duller than I would like. Readers of my blog will know that I like bright, dewy foundations that luminate my skin. If you are a fan of the matte look than this foundation will appeal. The added benefits of this version are that it absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine.

I am still not convinced that I will be replacing my usual liquid foundation - I find it a lot quicker to apply but maybe my application is at fault. I am considering visiting a Bare Minerals counter to have a make-over done to see how the professionals apply it.

Do you use mineral foundations? Which one do you use?

If you would like to try Bare Minerals it is available from Debenhams, House of Fraser and Selfridge's and QVC!

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  1. I love this foundation. One pot lasts forever, and I find it really fast and easy to apply. It's important to get the right brush, it can't be too big. Wrong brush = all wrong.

    I do have a liquid foundation that I use if I fancy a change, but I do prefer this mineral makeup.


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