Thursday 14 October 2010

Barbara Daly Long Lash Mascara for Tesco in Black

I was recently sent this mascara as a thank you for filling in an online survey for Tesco.

The packaging is basic, nothing to rave about. The wand is light and the actual brush quite nice, seemed to coat each individual lash but it just felt wet on my lashes, not a feeling that I really like.

So what was it like ?

I would do pictures but really there is nothing at all to see, honestly, I kept applying more and more mascara with no effect whatsoever. 4 coats later and still no change. I asked my husband to look at my eyes and his reply was " yes natural eyes, nothing on them" and then I told him that I had applied mascara, he was surprised!

No black colour, no lengthening, no curling, nada.

Sorry Barbara D and Tesco, this is one mascara I will definitely be leaving on the shelf!

What do you think?

Do you use any Barbara Daly products - any that you would recommend me to try ?


  1. what a shame, I wont be bying it then, thanks for the review

  2. i got the same product and I reviewed it on my blog already, saying all things that you have stated in your post: yes, it is watery, it takes a long time to dry, it can be a bit messy and there is no difference between wearing this and nothing at all :(
    I was actually disappointed, as I hoped I wouldn't have to buy another mascara, as my old one has finished :)

  3. I got this from the survey too and I didnt think it did anything either.


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