Wednesday 26 August 2015

Holiday Makeup By Day With SEVENTEEN

I recently spent a fabulous week holidaying in Ibiza, the week consisted mainly of lounging by the pool, the waterpark and a few brilliant day trips out and of course visits to the beach. I know it is known as the party capital of the world but seriously there is so much more to Ibiza than just the club scene. If you haven't been I highly recommend making a visit.

As a beauty lover I do tend to travel heavy when it comes to make up despite trying very hard to narrow down some faves, I just like to have options!  This time however, I was sent a few bits by the lovely team at SEVENTEEN to try, so I pretty much pushed aside/emptied out my usual faves and those tried and tested to take a leap of faith in these products....

During the day by the pool I like to keep things simple (I have a son aged 7 and we spend A LOT of time in the pool!) so I just went with my really high sun protection, a light coverage of the SEVENTEEN CC Cream which has SPF25 to just even out my skintone and hide those pesky blemishes.. I must say this CC Cream is a fantastic product, a little went a long way and it was the perfect shade for me (medium) but more on this in my next post - Holiday Makeup For Evening. 

I also opted for some highlighting magic from the SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer, this gave a beautiful dewy and super healthy appearance to my skin. Described as a 3 way HIGHLIGHTER GLOW & PRIMER, I used it all three ways and loved the way it lit up my skin, blended well so that its cool tone looked completely natural and just gave a wonderful glow and all round pick me up.

The biggest leap of faith by far was the SEVENTEEN Waterproof Mascara which promised the following - Both waterproof and smudge resistant this non clogging mascara lengthens lashes and lasts all day. As I mentioned, I spent a lot of time in the pool and we also had an adjacent water park that featured a HUGE bucket that tips its entire contents of water on to you if you stand under it. My son thought this was hilarious and made me stand directly under it, the cheeky thing!

So was the waterproof mascara up for the water challenge? I can confidently give this a massive thumbs up and resounding yes. It passed the water test with flying colours. Only the teeniest tiniest of smudging and no panda eyes in sight. I wore this mascara all day everyday. As a waterproof mascara this gave great definition and length to my lashes, was light and the formula wasn't thick or gloopy.

SEVENTEEN CC Cream £ 6.99
SEVENTEEN Waterproof Mascara £4.69
SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer £5.99

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Friday 14 August 2015

Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength

About a month before my holiday I decided to try a little work out routine that I found in a magazine, I donned my trainers, dusted off my exercise mat and popped on my for purpose gear and started following the routine. It may have been too little too late but at least I felt like I was doing something, something is surely better than nothing right?

Well I would love to bring you a post that features glamorous workout shots from the gym but frankly I am not at all glamorous working out, hair tied back, no makeup. I mean why would you wear makeup to work out?!

So instead I am going to bring you some photos of me working out/post workout whilst abroad in Ibiza instead, luckily for me the hotel had a small indoor air conditioned gym that I used. I also carried on doing my usual daily workout in the great outdoors, although there aren't any photos of this sadly :(

I was testing out Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength Anti-perspirant and I thought what better way to test it out than in the Summer heat of Ibiza.

It claims the following -

Sure Maximum Protection provides our most advanced, long-lasting protection against wetness, and odour yet is gentle enough for everyday use.

Our ultimate control of sweat during physical activity
Maximum strength wetness protection from Sure
Continuous odour protection that keeps you feeling fresh all day 
Long-lasting fragrance 

My thoughts -

Well this totally lives up to its claims, not a hint of wetness at all after a workout, the only water dripping was on my forehead! Plus I smelt good!

Completely and utterly impressed, this was a great holiday product. Whether I was lounging by the pool, working out or on one of our numerous day trips this kept me dry morning till night.

It is a little more expensive than your usual anti perspirant but well worth the money in my opinion.

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