Friday 2 April 2021



Greetings lovelies, I have exciting book news! :) 

My new novel  - High Heels on the Beach is out on the 26th April but is available to pre-order now! 

So if you enjoy reading a fun packed, lighthearted romantic comedy this is for you ... 


Decision shy Becca is used to her best friend making decisions for her, but after a disastrous 30th birthday, London living Becca realises she needs to stop relying on others and take control of her own destiny.

With her life plans in tatters, she’s forced to return home to the quiet seaside town of Sunny Bay and the family’s B&B, where the bedrooms are covered in chintz and her mother is still serving up culinary delights from the 1970s. Adamant that she’s not staying, Becca embarks on a soul-searching trip to Europe.

She’s barely stepped foot abroad before a family crisis sees her back in Sunny Bay and in charge of the B&B. Coming face to face with old flames and adversaries, Becca’s reminded why she left and is determined to get back to her old life in London.

But when the mysterious Madame DoTell, fortune teller to the stars, insists that home is where the heart is, Becca begins to wonder if she should listen...

If home is where the heart is, where is home? 

High Heels on the Beach is only 99p and available by clicking this link - Paperback version will follow soon. 

High Heels on the Beach 

Bettina x 


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