Sunday 31 August 2014

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Calming Facial Lotion & Gentle Facial Exfoliating Scrub - Review

I won these beauty skincare minis (I am not sure if these are sold in the shops but they would be perfect as travel miniatures) on twitter.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Calming Facial Lotion 

Palmers say 

A light, fast-absorbing lotion specifically designed for sensitive skin prone to irritations.

A special blend of natural ingredients such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera helps reduce the appearance of redness, calms and soothes sensitive skin while leaving it lightly hydrated without a greasy feel. With continued use skin feels fresh, calm and healthy.

Contains Patented MLE (Multi Lamellar Emulsion) Technology: This special emulsion of plant derived ingredients mimics the structure of skin's own natural moisture. MLE helps in the restoration of the skins' protective barrier, which prevents skin from further drying due to environmental factors.

My thoughts 

This facial moisturiser had a faint scent of cocoa butter and a soft, silky texture. It left my skin feeling comfortable, silky soft and not at all greasy. I really did feel like it was helping reduce redness in my cheeks/face and was perfect for my post holiday skin.

Would I consider buying it? Yes I would.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

Palmers say

Micro-fine crushed Cocoa Beans polish skin, removing dead skin cells and revealing the new smoother skin beneath. This daily facial scrub will enhance the skin's surface allowing it to better absorb the Daily Calming Facial Lotion and Night Renewal Cream.

Gentle enough to be used 2-3 times a week.

My thoughts 

The scrub had a pleasant cocoa, chocolatey scent. The crushed cocoa beans made a good gentle polish for the skin. I did feel like I got smoother, softer skin using the scrub and it didn't irritate my skin but there was nothing in particular that made it stand out over and above other scrubs on the market.

I would be unlikely to purchase this product as I have other scrubs that I prefer.

Philosphy Living Grace Spray Fragrance EDT - Perfume Sample Saturday

Yesterday's fragrance choice was Philosophy Living Grace. Now I adored Amazing Grace by Philosophy and this was reaffirmed when I wore it again recently (I would happily purchase a bottle) so I was very interested to compare it with Living Grace.

Philosophy say 

living grace spray fragrance was formulated to help center a woman's mood, is deeply sensuous, multi-sensory and truly a heavenly inspiration. living grace is an ethereal, clean fragrance of fresh neroli to create uplifting feelings of vibrancy, soft, clean lily of the valley brings a sense of gratitude and sensuous, warm musk embraces you to the beauty of living in the present moment each day.

My thoughts 

This is a fresher, almost cleaner scent at the outset compared to Amazing Grace with more of a citrus hit. However as it unfolds I find it to be a lot lighter and more delicate than it too, so the scent trail fades faster which for me is disappointing as I really liked it and wished it to linger. It has a powdery quality to it but more like how I imagine a baby to smell after being bathed, if that makes sense. Nice enough but unmemorable.

Philosophy Living Grace 60ml £33

Wednesday 27 August 2014

bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20

bareMinerals say 

Our first ever mineral foundation and skincare serum in one. This ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin. Supercharged Lilac Plant Stem Cells and Vitamin C help to reveal brighter, more even-looking skin tone.

To use - 

Shake bottle well 

2 drops for light coverage
4 drops for medium coverage
6 drops for full coverage

My thoughts

For reference I have normal/combination skin.

I didn't get on with the original bareMinerals loose powder foundation at all, I just found it accentuated my pores which wasn't a good look on me. The pressed powder foundation was better and although my sister loves it, again I wasn't convinced it was right for me. I much prefer liquid foundations on my skin personally and so I was rather curious to say the least and of course delighted that bareMinerals have launched a liquid foundation. 

I chose to review shade Bare Linen 03 - which is a neutral light tone. I have to say this is probably the BEST match ever to my natural skin.

I also was sent the brush that bareMinerals recommend to use with the foundation - a round brush with the inside cut out a bit, this is where you drop the foundation into and then buff in circular motions. 

I have been wearing the foundation for almost a week now, I have tried applying it with the brush, applying it with my fingers, wearing it with primer and without.

First of all I want to say straight off, that for me this is a holy grail foundation. I absolutely LOVE it. I love how light it is to wear, how it evens my skintone, conceals the redness on my skin and just makes my skin look utterly flawless. It looks so incredibly natural that it really just looks like my skin is amazing. The area that I love the most is my nose area, it is smooth and wonderful looking. Pores are concealed (although I am using the brilliant Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel).

Overall my skin looks fresh, radiant, clear and beautiful without looking mask like. This really is my skin but better. Skin perfection indeed.

It lasts a good 10 hours without need of a touch up.

I would 100% purchase this foundation.

With regards to the brush, do you need it? No you don't need to but personally I love the finish that it provides.

Below I am wearing bareMinerals bareSkine Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20 in Bare Linen

bareMinerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20 £26
Perfecting Base Brush £24

Available in 20 shades

*PR Samples

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Wash

Readers of BeautySwot know that I am a lover of all things rose. I know a lot of people say 'oh I don't like rose' but I think that could be because they just imagine those horrid rose scents of cheap soaps that don't really resemble a true rose.. I call them old lady rose..and I agree it is horrid. So when I find a fabulous rose scented product, I have to shout about it.

I have been using the Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Wash for a while now, I wanted to take a picture and write the review earlier but I noticed that the packaging has changed, it looks even more luxurious now so I have included a stock photo so you know what you will get.

Aromatherapy Associates say 

Experience the hydrating and uplifting powers of rose, geranium and camomile to leave your skin gently cleansed and beautifully fragranced.

Key Benefits:

Contains essential oils renowned for their nourishing effects
Softens and hydrates the skin
Suitable for use during pregnancy

Key Ingredients


My thoughts 

The Renewing Rose Body Wash is simply exquisite, bath times are more indulgent and luxurious with this beautiful and delicate scent of rose that has been blended with Sandalwood and Camomile. I was a little worried about using essential oils and suffering irritation but this body wash is gentle and leaves skin wonderfully soft and hydrated and the bathroom smelling gorgeous.

With no SLS or parabens this is a real bathtime gem. 

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Wash 200ml £28

*PR Sample

Ojon Super Sleek Restorative Blowout Protector

Ojon say 

Now turn on the heat - and the secret to a perfectly smooth blowout.

This thermal-activated formula with pure Ojon™ Oil, nature's golden elixir, Azurite, Plant Keratin and a complex of exotic oils helps restore smoothness, high-gloss shine and minimise the halo of frizz and flyaways.

Plus it makes hair feel super soft and manageable so you can style without struggle

My thoughts 

This is a thick cream textured heat protection and prep product. A little goes a long way so although it is pricey it lasts. I find if I apply too much it makes my hair lank the next day but with just the right amount it lasts for 3 days. The results are impressive. I have thick, coarse, highlighted porous hair and this smooths it right down and defrizzes, making styling a lot easier.

Now if only it could magically straighten my hair as well, now that would be my perfect product.

Ojon Super Sleek Restorative Blowout Protector 125ml £23

*PR Sample

Monday 25 August 2014

Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel Review

Sometimes the products that get me most excited are the unassuming ones, the ones I try that make a real difference to my skin and new Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel is, my dear readers, one such product.

Witch say

Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel is a gentle exfoliating gel that removes dead skin cells and rubs away blackheads easily whilst contracting the pores. Making your skin look fresher and more radiant for the whole day.

Oil free
Dermatologically tested

To use - 

Use the gel on your DRY face with your DRY fingers. Apply an adequate amount on your T-zone and cheeks. Massage the formula for about one minute (avoiding the eye area) until dead skin cells are coming off. Rinse off the remains with water.


Blackhead Clearing Gel is formulated with the following key ingredients:

Witch Hazel Extract – natural astringent with toning and clearing properties.
Quaternary Ammonium Salts to gently exfoliate & remove dead skin cells.
Glycerin to provide hydration and leave your skin feeling soft and soothed.

My thoughts 

I was looking forward to trying this gel as when I returned from holiday, my pores were enlarged and really quite dirty :( I couldn't wait to cover them up with makeup so this was a perfect opportunity to really put this product to the test.

This gel has a pleasant fresh scent which makes it a pleasure to use. The gel rolls and then you rinse it off. From the first use my skin felt softer and smoother. (I follow with a cleanser) I have been using it for more than 2 weeks now and the pores on my nose are cleaner and a lot smaller looking/barely visible. My skin is looking clearer, feels softer and just generally better looking. The exfoliating action is so gentle and yet so effective.

I have been really impressed with this product, especially as it is under £5 and although this was a pr sample I will be repurchasing.

A big thumbs up from me.

Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel 35ml £4.99

*PR Sample

Saturday 23 August 2014

Pink & Gold Nails - Nails Of The Day

The quickest way to jazz up your nails is with the addition of some gold in some shape or form, I chose a plain polish, I absolutely adore this one - Sandstorm from LOLA. If you only buy one gold polish  make it this. A must have in my opinion.

I added it as an accent on my ring fingers with the beautiful tea rose shade from Yves Rocher that came in this month's glossybox.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Sure Maximum Protection For Moments That Matter

What a week I have had, full of highs and lows I can tell you!

The team from Sure Maximum Protection got in touch and asked me to document moments that matter to me and very kindly sent a sample of  Sure Maximum Protection and a box full of items to help me with those moments...

Whilst I didn't have any one particular 'special' occasion, I did have plenty of days where having maximum protection was essential, truth be told every day is a moment that matters to me, so I was relieved to have a deodorant that I could rely on. I normally use Dove Maximum Protection and I was a little nervous switching.

My week involved a press day up in London - although the weather was not as warm as it has been, the tube is still pretty hot and sweaty, I could feel my face sweating but my body was as cool as a cucumber and dry too, thank you Sure!

When I was up in London I took the opportunity to have a look around the streets behind Oxford St and Regent St. Heading past the London Palladium, finding my way to Liberty London and their wonderful floral displays and finally on to buzzing Carnaby Street. If you are in London, look up and marvel at the architecture and the intricacy of the the buildings - I found this amazing clock with the words 'No minute gone comes ever back again, take heed and see ye nothing do in vain' on an arch bridge by Liberty London. Wise words, pretty apt I think!

I attended the opening of the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop Pop-Up Store which involved more tube travel, rushing to get there in time and standing under hot lights.

I met up with friends for a day out and we enjoyed some ice cool coffee drinks from Starbucks. Another day involved a play date with friends and our kids, I took the opportunity to have a go on the trampolines. It has been many years since I have done that :) Such fun.

No week is complete without spending some quality time with my adorable husband and inspired by the red lippie in the box I insisted we had a date night (not forgetting the tics tacs!, all fitted nicely in my black sequin bag. We also went to the cinema and caught a showing of the Summer comedy hit 'The Inbetweeners 2'. I didn't know that Cineworld now allocates your seats and so the whole front section was empty whilst we were all sat in the middle section, on top of each other. One man was obviously on a date as he had so much aftershave on, it enveloped my airspace...

Sadly my documented week hasn't had such a glamorous ending to it, life doesn't work like that does it?

The last few days have been spent caring for my 6yr old son who has been really quite poorly with a sickness bug. He has barely been able to keep water down and I have been stressed out worrying about him and not sleeping myself.  I will admit to getting really tearful and all emotional (I blame the lack of sleep!) so I dug out the Lavender and Lime Lily Flame candle that promised to float the day away and the bottle of Bach Rescue Rememdy and took the opportunity in a brief lull of the storm to calm and relax myself, before it all started up again (which it did).

I had no idea how good Bach Rescue Remedy was, it helped that night and I took it again the next morning, I was able to take on the day with renewed life and resilience in me. So good.

So there it is, whether it was for Work, Leisure or Pleasure -Sure Maximum Protection was a reliable deodorant and frankly in the Summer that is standard requirement, so full marks that it was as good as my usual deodorant and it had a clean, fresh scent that I really liked.

Have you tried it ?

*PR Sample

Tuesday 19 August 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat is one of my all time favourite foundations for the appearance of naturally beautiful skin -you can read my review of it here, so when I heard that YSL were bringing out a new foundation I hot footed it down to my nearest YSL counter and picked up a sample.

Luckily many of the shades of new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation are the same as LTTE so it was easy to do a direct colour match. Originally I had BD20 but earlier this year when I bought a YSL lipstick the counter asst popped a couple of samples of BD40 and I preferred this for Summer as it is slightly warmer. Without me saying a word the counter assistant this time even suggested BD40 of the new foundation (gosh they are good!)

YSL say

FEELS LIKE A FEATHER. WEARS LIKE AN INK. NO MORE COMPROMISE. 24 hours of soft-matte perfection and comfort. Our exclusive fine-as-ink formula perfects the skin yet wears weightlessly all day. Never cakey or heavy. Feel the difference of all day perfection and freedom. SPF 18. Available in 16 shades.

Swatch of YSL Fusion Ink Foundation BD40 

My thoughts 

One thing I learnt was that the product separates so you must shake well to avoid just a watery liquid being dispensed. I find the foundation to be really runny, far runnier than LTTE and super light. I use my fingers to apply and blend and it does take a lot of effort to get an even and smooth application which surprised me. However, once blended it looks fabulous, even and flawless. I would say the coverage is medium and any major flaws will need a separate concealer (I like Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer)

The finish is matte but not at all dull, in fact my mum said I looked quite radiant and dewy when I was wearing it! Personally, I think it has a slight powdery finish but what this does mean is that it has superb staying power, taking you literally from day to night with no reapplication or even touch ups needed and it still looks as fresh as the moment you applied.

I tried it with a few different primers just to see if there was a difference in finish. I loved how much easier it was to apply, literally glided over my skin and the glow provided when wearing Clarins Flash Beauty Balm underneath.

Another bonus of this foundation is that it does photograph beautifully in different lights which you will see from the pics below.

Wearing YSL Fusion Ink Foundation BD40

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation £30.50

Monday 18 August 2014

Inside The August Glossybox 2014 - Glossybox is 3!

It is hard to believe that globally Glossybox has turned 3, the concept of having beauty products delivered to your door monthly is hugely popular and it seems, certainly for now, that this enthusiasm shows no sign of abating.

I get very excited when my postman knocks with this monthly box and this month it was no different.. The outer carton this month was black and glossy with a pink bow as shown in the pics above. The actual box has had a little redesign and is not glossy and more box shaped. As ever the items were wrapped up with a bow, this time it was a smart black colour. Very pretty.

However, what is really important is the contents and this month, I personally was not disappointed. Every single item will be used.

A closer look at the contents

So the highlight for me is the Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere FULL SIZE £12.95

Readers of will know I pretty much wear a highlighter every day so I cannot wait to wear this one. No glitter, just a beautiful natural shade cream highlighter for a velvety gleam.

Comfort Zone Essentials Cleansing Milk FULL SIZE 250ml £20

I have just finished my cleanser and although I have a few others to work through I don't have a cleansing milk so will be interested in giving this a go and discovering a new brand at the same time.

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream 20ml (full size 80ml £6.95)

I can always do with a new hand cream and this one from Figs & Rouge is a fruity affair, now I am not a major fruit scent fan but this Mango and Mandarin one isn't bad at all, not overpowering and quite refreshing. The 20ml size is ideal to pop in my handbag.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml (full size 250ml £38)

I was pretty sure that this has already appeared in a previous Glossybox so I checked back to find that yes my memory was correct, this appeared in November 2011. OK it was ages ago but it seems I hadn't forgotten ;-) Philip Kingsley is also celebrating this year, 40 years of Elasticizer so the tie in is rather nice.

Anyway, my hair is in need of a good condition so this will be used up..just need to find a spare 20mins!

Lalique L'Amour EDP 2ml (full size 50ml £67)

Now I know that perfume samples of this size are not always appreciated but this is a really gorgeous scent and it does come with a hefty price in this case I think it was worth popping in the box. L'Amour is a truly sensational soft floral perfume with a hint of tea about it with the inclusion of Bergamot. It also features top notes of rosebuds, floral white heart notes and a musk base. Addictive.

Finally, a little birthday bonus

Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish 3ml FULL SIZE £3.60

This dinky bottle contains a pretty creamy pink shade called Rose, it is very similar to a tea rose lipstick shade. I love it as a nudey easy to wear shade, you can see me wearing it in the top pic. I needed two coats to achieve opacity and smooth application. The brush is tiny but on my small nails it was ideal.

Final thoughts

This month my box was really rather good, excellent value with 3 full sized products and ALL the products will be used.

The August Birthday GLOSSYBOX is £10 (+P&P) and will be available throughout August 2014 from while stocks last.

*PR Sample

Sunday 17 August 2014

MAC Russian Red Lipstick

I have fallen in love with a full on true red lipstick - MAC Russian Red is an intensely pigmented blue toned red. It complements my complexion so beautifully it literally lights up my face.

Although it is described as a matte shade I find it to be creamy to apply and personally I don't find it to be drying to my lips but my lips are in very good condition.

For me, confidence has come with age and I have worn red lipstick more times this year than all the other times in my life put together!

Friday 15 August 2014

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop Up Tweet Shop London

Imagine a shop where social media not money is 'currency' ... well now you don't have to as it has arrived! Marc Jacobs have created a pop up Tweet Shop in London's Covent Garden and last night I got a chance to preview how it works.

Open from the 15-17th August, Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop tells you to leave your money at home and make sure you bring your phone instead. In this store tweets using the hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN will get you the chance of gifts of deluxe perfume samples, cute key rings and Marc Jacobs manicures. In a beautiful Daisy designed store you can enjoy drinks, sit on a swing, enjoy music and more. However, that is not all, the most creative tweets will win Marc Jacobs merchandise.

For someone who is a bit of a twitter addict this is just up my street, what a treat. Here is a little teaser video for you to watch

A shop with a social twist, I hope other brands jump on board!

The Marc Jacobs Pop Up Tweet Shop is open from 15-17th August at 4 East Piazza, Covent Garden

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Kneipp Enjoy Life Body Wash

When life gives you lemons... have a bath!

This is a delightful citrus lemon scented body wash that brings a bit of uplifting zing to mornings with essential oils of May Chang and Lemon.

Leaves skin soft, cleansed and delicately scented.

Kneipp Enjoy Life Body Wash 200ml £4.45

*PR Sample

Impulse Vanilla Kisses - 90's Throwback

The early 90's what a time they were! I was in my teens, I wore scrunchies in my hair, I consumed far too much chocolate, the Spice Girls were top of the charts with their brand of Girl Power and no school bag was complete without a can of Impulse. It was a teen essential and at break times the toilets were a heady mix of Impulse scents.

Roll on to 2014 and one of the Impulse favourites has returned - Vanilla Kisses. Complete with new packaging and a new improved scent, this is a modern take on the classic. It has been formulated with real perfume oil to ensure the scent lasts longer and boasts fruity top notes of fresh apple and peach.

The result is a delicious and addictive Vanilla scented Body Spray. It smells so good that it puts a smile on my face when I apply it.. My teens were pretty good and this little throwback is a delight.

I predict a top seller in Vanilla Kisses

Impulse Vanilla Kisses 75ml £1.99

*PR Sample

Monday 11 August 2014

#MyNo7Feeling Look 7 - Seven Days Of Makeup

Today is the final day of the Boots No7 #MyNo7Feeling makeup challenge and I must admit I am a little sad. It was great fun trying out all the looks and yes at times I was pushed out of my comfort zone and none more so than today. I call this the Monday Blues as the trio of items are all Blue.

Having green eyes I am not altogether convinced that blue is really a shade for me and I have to confess to having a real aversion to Teal that started 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, just the thought of the shade made me feel nauseous and that feeling hasn't really left!

Makeup For Look 7 

The trio is made up of the following

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Cruising £6
Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Turquoise £7
Boots No Stay Precise Liquid Eye Liner in Sky High £7.50

Cruising is a Teal shade of nail polish which I know is hugely popular but just not for me, however it is highly pigmented so you could get away with a single application if time is short.
I didn't apply the eye shadow to the whole eye lid as I felt it would be too much for my small eyes, so it sat just above the lash line where I had applied the liquid liner and in the inner corners as a brightener.
The liquid liner was my favourite product in this trio, the applicator brush was sturdy yet soft for precision application. It was so easy to get a neat line, I was very impressed. The colour was an electric blue which provided a cute flash of colour and its vibrancy lasted all day. I would definitely take a look at other shades in this range.

For the blush I used the Cool Pink that featured in one of my previous looks and a nude lipstick.

Look 7 

The Nail Polish 

So there it is, the final look. I hope you have enjoyed this series of posts.

*PR Samples

Sunday 10 August 2014

#MyNo7Feeling Look 6 - Seven days Of Makeup

Today Hurricane Bertha was due to hit the UK in some shape or form. Torrential rain and high winds were predicted and so it only seemed right to choose the following trio for Look 6.

Makeup For Look 6

Boots No7 Extreme Length Mascara in Black 
Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Blackcurrant 
Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Haze

Ooh these purples shades are really quite juicy, the blackcurrant nail polish is wonderfully dark and rich and only required 2 coats for full opacity. Purple Haze eyeshadow quad has 3 purple shades as well as a gorgeous grey and the mascara lengthens and separates, no smudging or flaking.

Purples and greys also really make my green eyes stand out so I know I will be getting a lot of use of this quad. Very pretty and the nail polish will take me right into Autumn and Winter. Love, love, love the Look 6 collection.

To complete the look I used the Spice blusher from earlier this week to bring warmth to my cheeks and paired it with a peachy nude on my lips.

Look 6 


Blackcurrant Nails

*PR Samples

#MyNo7Feeling Look 5 - Seven Days of Makeup

Day 5 of the Boots #MyNo7Feeling challenge and today it is full on glamour with a red lipstick. I call this Siren Saturday...

Now I already have the red lipstick that was included in this trio of items so I was quite comfortable wearing it, however I wore it all day and normally I would just wear a red lipstick for an evening out.

Makeup for Look 5

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Love Red £9.75
Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Devils Delight £6
Boots No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in Cool Pink £8

Look 5

I kept the look very simple as the red packs a powerful punch and is a real statement shade. I just applied foundation, a touch of the cool pink blush, mascara and a creamy liner on my waterline to widen my eyes.

I loved this look. Love Red is such a beautiful red shade that really does brighten and open up my face and surprisingly once I hit the shops I felt confident and I found people really responded to it. Will I wear it during the day again? Definitely!

So there it is Look 5, a classic red lip, I didn't apply the nail polish as I ran out of time before I went out but I will be posting it as a nails of the day very soon.

*PR Samples

Friday 8 August 2014

National Afternoon Tea Week - 11-17 August 2014

Next week is National Afternoon Tea Week and in case you want to partake I have a little round up of suggestions of some fabulous tasting teas to tickle your taste buds!

Alfresco Afternoon Tea at The Goring 

During National Afternoon Tea Week, if the weather holds out, guests can enjoy tea al-fresco on the hotel's veranda - one of the few outdoor dining spots to be found in the capital - or even on a table in the large private garden. On chillier days, Afternoon Tea is taken in the warm and inviting Lounge, in front of the gently crackling open fire.

In 2013 The Goring was voted Top London Afternoon Tea by the UK Tea Guild. Serving Afternoon Tea since 1910, The Goring offers a wide range of teas and a delicious traditional Afternoon Tea of finger sandwiches, scones and pastries. In addition it offers a Bollinger Champagne menu. 

Afternoon Tea is priced at £42.50 per person with the Bollinger Tea at £52.50 per person

The English Afternoon Tea at Threadneedles

Threadneedles presents a truly English Afternoon Tea, a homage to six of the Greatest Britons of all time, as chosen by the British people for BBC2. Drawing on this for inspiration, Executive Chef Stephen Smith and his pastry chefs have created a delectable menu filled with imaginative recipes in honour of Sir Winston Churchill (Dundee cake as ordered for his 80th birthday), Queen Elizabeth I (Lavender cupcakes), Princess Diana (England’s Rose cake), Sir Isaac Newton (Apple and Lemon Thyme Tart), Admiral Nelson (Rich Spiced Rum Cake) and John Lennon (Opera Gateau – inspired by the Beatle’s love of cornflakes and chocolate!). All these and plenty of traditional finger sandwiches, fruit and savoury scones and a selection of fine teas.

Afternoon Tea is taken in the Threadneedles Lobby, under the spectacular glass dome – and is available from £29 per person, served Monday – Sunday from 2:30pm to 5pm; Champagne Afternoon Tea £39 per person.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych, London

One Aldwych is the official hotel of musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and celebrates the wit and wonder of the Roald Dahl classic with an inspired afternoon tea.

In creating the tea, Dominic aimed to capture “the story’s humour and fun” as well as satisfying children and adults alike – from the sophisticated tartlet and cured salmon to the witty flavoured candy floss and decadent Golden Egg made with vanilla cheesecake and mango purée. Other treats include Lemon Crackle Pops and Cocoa Bean Financier as well as warm scones accompanied by apple and meadowsweet compote. The afternoon tea is complemented with a selection of four Tea Palace infusions, or for those looking for something stronger the Cocktail Charlie. Presented in a spectacular smoking teapot along with three home-made chocolate truffles, Cocktail Charlie is a sensational mix of Dalmore Whisky, Cherry Marnier, Chocolate bitters and Champagne.

This afternoon tea has been on my to do list for too long, I aim to rectify this very soon!

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired afternoon team from £43.00 per person including a glass of Lallier Grand Réserve Champagne or a special Cocktail Charlie.

Sex and the City Par-Tea at Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

For those who are after something a little different this is sure to appeal, it has already gone onto my to do list!. 

One for the ladies I strongly suspect.. Whether you are a Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill’s new Sex and the City Par-Tea, is a total treat to complete a girl’s weekend in the capital.

Served on elegantly tiered stands, this Big Apple twist on traditional Afternoon Tea includes savoury dishes – Waldorf Salad sandwiches, New York bagels with pastrami, mustard and mayonnaise; smoked salmon and dill cream cheese bites as well as mini burgers (named after Jack Berger, one of Carrie’s ex-boyfriends) and hot dogs with a light drizzle of mustard and crispy onion. On the sweet side, a selection of pastries has been created with each of the girls in mind: Carrie – a cosmopolitan jelly decked with edible gold flecks in a mini martini glass; Charlotte – a diamond-studded red velvet cupcake; Samantha – a leopard print stiletto biscuit; Miranda – a mini New York vanilla cheesecake with hot lips

The Sex and the City Par-Tea is served Friday and Saturday from 3:00pm - 6:00pm and on Sunday from 3:30pm - 6:00pm and costs £38 per person or £47 per person including one cocktail. Email

The Importance of Being Earnest’ Afternoon Tea at Hotel Café Royal, Piccadilly

To celebrate Oscar Wilde’s much-loved play, The Importance of Being Earnest, starring Nigel Havers and Cherie Lunghi, at the Harold Pinter theatre in London’s West End, Hotel Café Royal, just round the corner on Piccadilly, has created a playful afternoon tea inspired by the play’s characters and the hotel’s own raffish history. Served in the historic Oscar Wilde Bar, which has been stunningly restored to its authentic Louis XVI detailing, guests can enjoy the glamorous afternoon tea in the very room that the great man frequented daily for lunch at precisely 1pm, ordering the same dish.

The witty menu features a selection of tea sandwiches, pastries (including a playful chocolate box ‘n’ ring; Lady Bracknell lollipop and Dandy raspberry regent), scones and cakes as well as additional ‘savoury terminus’ dishes – a double-entendre almost worthy of Wilde himself.

The Importance of Being Ernest Afternoon Tea is available until 10th September and is priced at £42 or £55 with a glass of Veuve Clicquot

#MyNo7Feeling Look 4 - Seven Days Of Makeup

Day 4 of the Boots No7 #MyNo7Feeling challenge and today we move into the Berry shades which I am right at home with, they really bring out my green eyes.

I already have the lip crayon from this trio and needless to say I adore it. If you haven't tried the lip crayons from No7, I strongly recommend them.

Look 4

This look consists of the following items

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Berry £9
No7  Natural Blush Tint Powder in Spice £8
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Temptress £6

The blusher is really fine and soft and a really gorgeous warm yet natural shade. I found it really light but buildable and I may have been tempted to apply a bit stronger but that is just because I like really defined cheeks :)

The disappointment for me was the nail polish, I found it watery, streaky and uneven which made it hard to apply. I had to apply 3 coats to get that rich colour that the bottle promises. It is a shame as the pink I tried earlier in the week from the same range was fantastic.

Anyway here is the finished Look 4

*PR Samples


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