Wednesday 13 August 2014

Impulse Vanilla Kisses - 90's Throwback

The early 90's what a time they were! I was in my teens, I wore scrunchies in my hair, I consumed far too much chocolate, the Spice Girls were top of the charts with their brand of Girl Power and no school bag was complete without a can of Impulse. It was a teen essential and at break times the toilets were a heady mix of Impulse scents.

Roll on to 2014 and one of the Impulse favourites has returned - Vanilla Kisses. Complete with new packaging and a new improved scent, this is a modern take on the classic. It has been formulated with real perfume oil to ensure the scent lasts longer and boasts fruity top notes of fresh apple and peach.

The result is a delicious and addictive Vanilla scented Body Spray. It smells so good that it puts a smile on my face when I apply it.. My teens were pretty good and this little throwback is a delight.

I predict a top seller in Vanilla Kisses

Impulse Vanilla Kisses 75ml £1.99

*PR Sample

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  1. I used to have o2 (it was mainly an apple scent) but I love anything with a vanilla scent so I will have to get some retro love going on :)


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