Wednesday 31 August 2011

Face Of The Day - FOTD - Pink

Today's post is a face of the day - FOTD

Every so often I like to wear a real pink blusher and pink lips.

A few years ago I would never have chosen to wear pink shades, I tended to opt for browner toned blushers and darker shades of lipsticks but I think I was definitely limiting myself, now I find myself drawn to pink shades quite often.

What do you think ?

Do let me know if you would like to know more information on what products I am wearing here.

Monday 29 August 2011

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 - Juicy Apple Review

I won Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in Juicy Apple in a facebook competition

Juicy Apple contains no shimmer, it is just an ultra high shine gloss that makes the lips appear just bitten and fuller without any of the tingle that some glosses have. This provides a gorgeous hint of red to your lips. I think this is ideal if you want to try a red shade without going full on red, which some people find hard to carry off.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Juicy Apple on the lips

The gloss is sticky and feels heavy when wearing but it is moisturising and has the added bonus of an SPF15 to protect the lips. Apparently it can last up to eight hours but I normally eat well before that time frame so cannot confirm those claims...!

I like the packaging and the super soft applicator

I love this gloss and am looking forward to trying out some of the other shades that it comes in (there are 18 in total).

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 - Juicy Apple costs £14.50 

NOTD - Rimmel London 60 Seconds Coralicious

Rimmel London 60 Seconds in 430 Coralicious

I bought this nail polish back in July for £3.69 from Boots. I was looking for a bright and cheery Summer coral shade and this fits the bill perfectly! This is a wonderful pinky/orange shade.

 Coralicious perks me up no end and looks gorgeous in the Sun.

 Ideal nail polish for nails and toes...

One coat and fast drying, with a wide brush this is super easy to apply. Excellent nail polish I would recommend this.

Friday 26 August 2011

The Friday Column: Bethnal Green Tube Disaster 1943

The worst civilian disaster of the 2nd World War.

You may not have heard of this story before, at the time it was hushed up for fear of it being used as propaganda for the enemy and loss of morale for the country.

On 3rd March 1943 300 people were crushed into the stairwell at Bethnal Green Tube Station, within a few seconds, 173 of them had died and over 90 were injured.

It happened as a crowd of people entered Bethnal Green tube station which at the time was being used as an air-raid shelter. A woman carrying a baby tripped and fell as she went down the steps to the platform. A man tripped over her and a domino effect started. At the top of the stairs came shouted warning of bombs falling and when a different deafening sound was heard they thought it was a new kind of bomb (it turned out to be a new, secret, anti-aircraft gun being tested in Victoria Park nearby). People pushed more quickly into the shelter in a panic. The way was blocked but still people poured down. There were no handrails in the middle, no white edgings on the steps and no police on duty. It was dark and the steps were slippery from the rain. Around 300 people were wedged into the stairway – an area measuring approximately 15 x 11 feet. By the time they were pulled out 27 men, 84 women and 62 children had been crushed to death. Over 60 of the survivors needed hospital treatment. 

The tragedy was that there was no air raid or bombs dropped that night in the East End, it was just the sound of the new gun that had been secretly placed nearby and tested for the first time that night that caused the panic.

This subject is close to my heart because my Great Grandparents died in the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster. Their children were left orphans. My Grandmother was away at the time, she was being trained to be a Land Girl, on the day she was given the sad news that her parents had died she was in a field learning to drive a tractor.

Last night I read the full story of what happened. I read the individual stories from eye witness accounts and the survivors and was literally shaking, in tears. I don't think anyone can read it and not be moved. The youngest victim was just 5 months old and one family lost six members in this awful tragedy.

The reason I am raising awareness is that a trust has been set up with the aim of building a fitting and lasting memorial for the victims of this disaster. The plans have been approved by Tower Hamlets Council all that is stopping it being made are the funds required. They currently need to raise £40,000 by the end of this year. 

Behind the design  

Two young architects regularly used the underground station to go to work and noticed the small commemorative plaque above the stairs where the tragedy occurred and decided to find out more. Harry Paticas and Jens Borstlemann wanted to create a fitting memorial to the 173 people who died that evening. They have therefore designed a massive bronze cast of the staircase, which will appear to float alongside the stairs where the people actually died, with 173 small beams of light which will represent those who lost their lives. The memorial will vividly describe the historical facts of the Bethnal Green tragedy and will provide shelter form the rain as well as illumination for people entering or exiting the station. It will create a landmark at an important junction on an Olympic Route.

I would love to see this memorial erected and wondered...Can you help?

A plea

I would be so grateful if you could spread the word by linking to this post, through twitter, facebook, even emails to your colleagues  and help the trust members to gain more coverage and raise the funds that are so desperately needed.

To read the full story please click here 

If you wish to donate to the memorial fund or get involved in raising funds please click here.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Festival Essentials

I thought I would enlist the help of my sister for this list of festival essentials as I don't 'do' camping, festivals etc.

She went to 'V' Festival for the first time this year and compiled a list of items that she considered a must have after her fabulous experience.



Sleeping bag
Blow up bed
Lightweight foldable chair
Bin bags


Tracksuit - to sleep in and sit by the camp
Wellies - for comfort and for the inevitable rain
Rain mac - the ones that turn into a bag
Fleece cover
Outfits for each day, little dresses, all in ones/shorts and vest T-shirts
Pumps (to move around your tent easier)
A bag you can wear over your shoulder (eg : messenger bag)
Warm clothing in case it gets cold
Sun hat
Sun glasses


Toilet Rolls / Pocket tissues
Baby wipes to wash with
Deodorant Wipes
Sun Protection Cream
Moisturiser - preferably with an SPF
Lip Balm
Toothpaste - Don't forget your toothbrush!
Dry Shampoo - Batiste is a favourite
Hand sanitizer
Pocket mirror

Painkillers (just in case)


Old phone (holds its charge longer)
Lots of money - especially change (cash points charge)
Canned cider ...
Snacks: crisps, sausage rolls, biscuits

I hope this has helped

Happy Festivals!

L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Reflexion Sheer Watermelon

L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Reflexion in Sheer Watermelon, my favourite Summer gloss

I cannot resist looking at the range of Glam Shines, and this particular one grabbed my attention instantly. I bought it there and then, yes I probably have far too many glosses but this one was different. The shade is a pinky/corally one which I didn't have in my gloss collection.

Glam Shine glosses are excellent value in my opinion, providing high shine and a light shimmer which give the illusion of fuller lips. They also have the perfect hint of colour and I don't find them sticky.

The packaging is attractive and I love the way the product swirls inside, so pretty!

The sponge applicator is shaped for ease of use and ideal for application.

Swatch of Glam Shine Reflexion in Sheer Watermelon

Sheer Watermelon on the lips 

No doubt I will definitely be purchasing more Glam Shines. Which is your favourite Glam Shine shade?

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner Review

I know some people don't see the need for a toner but I personally love using a toner after cleansing.. a friend (who loves Lush) suggested that as I love products containing rose that I would love this toner. She was right, I love it.

Lush Eau RomaWater is a toner for dry to normal skin, Excellent on dry, older or sensitive skin.
I have normal/combination skin and found no negative reactions.

I adore the scent of the blend of rose and lavender water, neither scent overpowers the other. Eau Roma Water is incredibly refreshing and when we had the recent hot spell it felt beautifully cooling on my face. This has to be a perfect Summer toner.


The spray pump is fantastic, I think all toners should be packaged like this.

I would have preferred that the bottle be see-through so I know when it is near to running out. I do think it is quite pricey, but it is rather wonderful so it is worth it in my opinion!

Lush Eau Roma Water costs £3.75 for 100g

*PR sample

Thursday 18 August 2011

Face Of The Day - Breakfast At Tiffany's, My Interpretation

Some of you may know I recently attended a Breakfast At Tiffany's themed Hen Do.

Dress code was a black dress and pearls. Now I am the first to admit I don't have Audrey Hepburn's figure or facial looks in any way,shape or form but I was willing to embrace her 'look' and after watching Lisa Eldridge's video tutorial I set to work on my own interpretation of Holly Golightly's make-up....

The key things I learnt and followed from Lisa's video -

Use a flesh coloured pencil in the waterline to give more of a wide-eyed look - I used Une Skin Glow Pencil Q01 . Honestly this is one of the best tips I have ever learnt and I now do this quite often, it instantly wakes the eyes up. I used to use a white pencil in the inner corners of my eyes but I love this far more, it looks really natural.

I used a black liquid pen liner to create the girly flick which seems to disappear when I put my eyes in normal position!

Lisa said not to use any bronzer or gloss, the look was to be fresh and flawless so I just used a foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) and blush (Nars Deep Throat) and used the centre of Mac Semi Precious Rose Quartz MSF to highlight.

The lips

I lined my lips with a nude coloured pencil and then mixed two lipsticks - MeMeMe Ava a dusty rose shade (review coming soon) and Lancome's Rouge Mars peachy/pink tone to get a really nice, pretty shade.

What do you think ?

Friday 12 August 2011

The Friday Column

The Riots in England

I didn't feel that I could ignore the recent riots and horrific events that have occurred in England in my Friday Column this week. Those who also follow BeautySwot on twitter will know that through various circumstances my family found ourselves pretty close to the 'action'.

On Sunday I was heading to Enfield to meet my mum when through twitter I learnt that there were rumours that the rioters/looters were planning to hit Enfield. The threat was taken seriously by the authorities and the shops closed early, my mum was in one of the shops and phoned me to collect her. As things became more serious she called to say she had been picked up and to head straight for her home. We went off to Camden and thought that the Police would prevent anything happening.

As we now know unfortunately around 200+ people arrived in Enfield intent on causing trouble. Looting and damage occurred to quite a few shops, including our own much loved Department Store 'Pearsons', Starbucks, a Jeweller's , HMV and Greggs Bakery. Damage was also done to various pharmacies and cars were set on fire. Perhaps the worst thing to happen in Enfield was when arsonists hit the Sony Distribution Warehouse, the place has been completely destroyed and is still burning as I write this. Sadly this has affected many independent labels.

I personally witnessed many youths arriving in cars and putting their hoods up heading in the direction of the Town. On the way home my 3 year old son also saw the police cars, police riot vans and youths. It made me afraid as I knew that all it took was a turn into the wrong road and we could find ourselves amidst it all

On Monday night I was at Putney Bridge at the Hurlingham Club for an event, the riots were still taking place. Getting home was nerve wracking as we were heading across London and into East London. Once again there was a strange, eerie feeling on the streets. We must have just missed the problems as the road we went down had been closed, we witnessed many things - riot vans protecting retail centres and lots of glass around. At one point we were a little lost, I must have shown my fear as a little voice from the back piped up 'Don't worry mummy, we will find our way home'.

Much discussion has been had and is still on going as to the reasons behind the riots so I won't be writing about it here.

My concern is what impact has these riots had on the younger children...

Until the age of three I was living in Iran and was there when the Revolution took place. At Primary School age I would have such terrible nightmares of tanks passing by the window of the house we were living in and Soldiers with guns pointing in at the window. Years later my mum told me that that was what we saw as well as feeling war planes flying low past our flat and making it shake. I don't remember it but my sub conscious does. Apparently, I even sat on the tanks, everyone did.

In certain situations (like the riots we have just been through) I feel worried, sick and can start to panic,  I often wonder if what I experienced all those years ago has had an impact on me?

My son is very aware of what has happened, he has seen it on the televison news and in the newspapers. He has seen the images of burning buildings, people running rampage and he talks about it with us. The other day we wanted to go out for dinner and he said he didn't want to go to Enfield as there were going to be fires. He also told me that the fire fighters are very brave. He told my mum that Starbucks was smashed up.

I saw in the papers children who have drawn what they have witnessed and I wonder what they will feel in years to come too.

My heart goes out to all those that have been affected by these riots.

Thursday 11 August 2011

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick 152 Rouge Mars -

 Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in 152 Rouge Mars is without doubt my favourite Summer lipstick.

I actually bought this lipstick instead of an Easter egg! I am so glad I did as it has lasted a lot longer than a bit of chocolate and has provided me with many more happier days. There is something incredibly satisfying of owning an expensive lipstick and pulling it out of your handbag in public.... I have long been a fan of Lancome products and when I swatched this lipstick I just knew I had to own it.

The L'Absolu range promises eight hours of hydration and contains Pro-Xylane®,.which apparently helps re-shape and replenish the lips. The sales consultant did mention that as I was young I had lovely lips which didn't need it but it is handy to know. It also contains an SPF12.

The packaging is lovely and the magnetic closure is great as it means that the lid of the lipstick won't come off in your handbag. The Lancome rose is imprinted in the lipstick, very pretty and a nice touch.

Rouge Mars is a rather wonderful and very wearable bright pinky/coral shade.The texture is smooth and luxurious. Rouge Mars Lipstick instantly brightens my skin and my eyes.

Note - this photo was taken pre-highlights and eyebrow threading! I hope you can see what I mean about brightening the face.

 Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick costs £18.90 from Lancome Counters and online.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011

Just a quick note to say that the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011 are up and running. If you would like to nominate me, of course I would be delighted if you did :-), there is a link to the right of the blog that will take you right to the nomination form - please select the new beauty blog category.

Thank you! x

Nominations close on the 31st August 2011

Lancome L'Extreme Waterproof Mascara

This week on BeautySwot there is a holiday theme and what could be more important than a good waterproof mascara....

I have been putting a few waterproof mascaras to the test and L'Extreme WP from Lancome has really impressed me - for making my lashes look good and for lasting without any nasty smudges under the eyes, and of course surviving my watery hay-fever eyes. I do find it to be a dry formula which was odd at first to get used to but is not detrimental to the end result.

The packaging is sleek, the curves on the handle make it easy to hold

The brush is fantastic for separating the lashes

Fab for lengthening and thickening, Lancome L'Extreme Waterproof Mascara has been my go to mascara this Summer.

Before shot

And after

What do you think, great increase in length?

Lancome L'Extreme Waterproof in black is available from priced at £16.95

*sample provided for review purposes

Sunday 7 August 2011

Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Gel - Review

I have tried some tanning moisturisers, I have tried a tanning mousse so next up was a Self- Tan Gel...

This is from Boots Soltan Range - Beautiful Bronze which promises to give a natural even colour,  tinted colour for instantly luminous skin, dries instantly and fades evenly.

I had planned to apply this in a leisurely manner but things don't always go to plan. I exfoliated first using Skin Wisdom Day Spa Wash n Scrub and then applied a bit of moisturiser in those places where tan can stick...

Just as I was about to apply the gel my son yells from the bathroom he wants to get out so I had to apply the fake tan in a hurried manner! 

This is where it impressed it is a gel it is not messy to apply, it is tinted so you can see exactly where you have applied it. It rubs in well, smells a bit like vanilla and leaves a slight shimmer to the skin. It felt like it had dried quite quickly but I would be cautious and not wear anything that you wouldn't want to get stained.

You can see the tiny gold flecks of shimmer in this photo 

Friday evening I left the house with the tan working its magic and next morning I woke with the shimmer gone and in its place a really beautiful golden glow! For me, this would be the equivalent of one week sitting in the sun in Ibiza.

I am so pleased with the results, I used to think that I didn't have time for fake tans but this proved that it literally takes just a couple of minutes.

Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Gel costs £6.99 for 150mls but is currently on offer priced £4.66!

Friday 5 August 2011

The Friday Column - Belinda Jones California Dreamers Book Review

Book Review - Belinda Jones California Dreamers

I am an avid book reader so I was delighted to be offered this book to read and review.

The story revolves around an English make-up artist, Stella and Hollywood actress Marina Ray. Marina warms to Stella after their first meeting and invites Stella to be her make-up artist on a movie set in California. Stella jumps at the chance at the amazing opportunity and this is where the story really comes alive.

This is a heart warming and fast paced tale of two women with secrets to hide, a quest for love, romance and a back drop of make-up and glamour at its core. In the Californian heat and the film set, hearts melt and passions rise.  The story is told as the voice of Stella which I really like. The main characters are likeable and there is a cute twist to the story which I wasn't expecting at all.

California Dreamers is a light hearted, nice flowing, easy to read book. It is the kind of book that you can put down and pick up at any point without having to think too hard. That said I found I read it quite quickly as I wanted to know where the story was heading. It may have the 'perfect' ending but isn't that just what a girl wants?

If you like chick lit, this is a perfect Summer holiday read.

California Dreamers is out now 

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Skin Wisdom Day Spa Gentle Revive Gingerlily & Orange Wash 'n' Scrub

I was sent another item to review from the Skin Wisdom Spa Range at Tesco after I was so impressed with some of the other products in the range. If you missed the reviews you can read them here.

Skin Wisdom Day Spa Gentle Revive Brightening Wash 'n' Scrub in Gingerlily & Orange

This is described as a 2 in 1 wash and scrub for the body. It comes in a flip top tube and the product comes out really easily in a gel formula. What struck me was how pretty it was when it came out, I don't often say that about bath products but this really was. I tried my hardest to capture in photography but essentially the scrub bits, which are square shaped, are swirled around in the gel forming a pattern.

On contact with water the gel changes to a more creamy consistency which allows you to wash using it.

I am not sure what gingerlily is supposed to smell like and I couldn't really make out any orange scent in it but it smells pleasant, the only way I could describe it would be to say.. a bit like a holiday scent!

I would consider this product to be more of a body polish than a scrub as the particles are larger and less than you would find in a traditional scrub but with that in mind I found it to be effective and for the price (less than £5), great value. The packaging is nice, the product feels expensive and leaves the skin comfortable, soft and smooth. I was particularly impressed with how smooth my upper arms felt, this is exactly what I look for in a scrub. I didn't find it overly harsh and although the scrub bits don't melt, a quick rinse of the shower (if you are using this in the bath) will wash them away.

I am a huge fan of using scrubs, particularly in the Summer when having super smooth skin is important when applying fake tans. I liked this scrub a lot and it would seem I am not the only one, as the gentle revive brightening wash 'n' scrub has been shortlisted by a panel of experts in the body care category of the Tesco Your Beauty Awards.

This is the first year Tesco are running the awards. One lucky voter will win a luxury holiday for two to Antigua and each week (whilst the awards are running) all entrants will be entered into a prize draw to win all 55 shortlisted products in the awards. Hurry though the awards close on 23/08/2011

To vote in the Tesco Your Beauty Awards just click this link -

*Sponsored Post 

Gold Minx Nails

Gold Minx Nails

These are my sister's Gold Minx Nails. They were done at West One Beauty for her holiday. She even had her toes done to match :-) This is going to look fabulous in the Sun, particularly by the pool I would imagine. 

I love it!


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