Tuesday 24 January 2012

Skincare And Make Up Brands That Are Entirely Paraben Free - A list

Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Common parabens include methylparaben (E number E218), ethylparaben (E214), propylparaben (E216) and butylparaben. (Source wikipedia)

As my mum has been diagnosed as being allergic to Parabens I have been searching the net, asking on twitter and using my own knowledge looking for skincare and makeup brands that are paraben free that she could have peace of mind using.

The good news is that there are lots of fabulous brands out there whose products are paraben free, so if you are allergic or just wish to avoid products containing parabens there is a fair amount of choice. I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the companies that don't use parabens in any of their products and put them up here on BeautySwot.com for your reference. I will also be going over previous reviews and adding the phrase 'paraben free' to the tag cloud, so you can click it to read reviews of products that I have tried that do not include parabens.

Listed in alphabetic order with links to their sites -

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare -  http://www.aureliaskincare.com/
Arbonne - www.arbonne.com
Aromatherapy Associates - http://www.aromatherapyassociates.com/
Balance Me - https://www.balanceme.co.uk/
BareMinerals - http://bareminerals.co.uk/
Bee Good Skincarehttp://beegood.co.uk/
Bionsen Deodorant http://www.bionsen.co.uk/
Bodhi & Birchhttps://www.bodhiandbirch.com
Boots Botanicshttp://www.boots.com/en/Botanics/
Green People - http://www.greenpeople.co.uk/
Hearts and Homespunhttp://www.heartsandhomespun.com/
Hourglass Cosmetics http://hourglasscosmetics.com/
Inika Cosmetics - http://inikacosmetics.co.uk/
Just Soaps Of The Earthhttp://www.justsoapsoftheearth.co.uk/
Soothing Showershttp://www.soothingshowers.com/
Susan Posnick Cosmeticshttp://www.susanposnick.com/
Yes Tohttp://www.yestocarrots.com/find-a-store-uk.html
Youngblood Mineral Cosmeticshttp://ybskin.co.uk/

*Please note this is not a definitive list and I will be updating it as and when I come across other brands, if you know of any brands whose entire product range is paraben free please let me know so that I can add it to this list. Bookmark this page for your reference.


  1. What a fantastic post, this must've taken you ages! I think this will prove a really handy reference guide xx

    1. I agree I've been trying to make the switch to parabens free makeup for quite a while but it's so difficult to do all the research into finding good brands & products that really measure up to the typical mac or dior standard

  2. A few more I know of to add to your list : )
    Rodial, Elemental Herbology, Emma Hardie, Sarah Chapman, Tata Harper and NUDE skincare x

  3. Brilliant! Great reference list...!x

  4. Fab list Bettina! If you're including tanning products too the entire BeauBronz range is paraben free and contains natural and certified organic ingredients. If you'd like to give it a try drop us a line :)

  5. This is a fantastic reference. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you for including my lippies! x

  7. Shame I missed out on your list.
    It's a great post though a great list to keep for reference in future.

    Fresh Therapies

  8. Hi Bettina, me again! Savar Skincare http://www.savaronline.co.uk/ are also completely paraben free xx

  9. This is great and really informative but one thing to note is what is being used in place of the parabens?

    A lot of companies use Phenoxyethanol instead and that is also an allergen and harmful, its only legal in very small doses and its been banned in Japan!

    You might find the following post useful:

    I am trying to use more and more natural products and less chemically based ones but its hard to find truly safe and natural brands. Still your list is awesome and some brands I have never heard of are on there.

    Thank you xx

  10. This is great!

    What about L'Occitane?

    1. Whilst they are almost there with new products from 2011/2012 and their face/skincare being paraben free, some of the older products do contain parabens. Until the entire range is paraben free I cannot include the brand on my list.

  11. Caudalie, Chantecaille, Elemental Herbology, Radical, Tata Harper are all also Paraben Free

  12. Dr. Organics? love all their product range!

  13. All Arbonne skincare and makeup is plant-based and artificial paraben-free! They use one botanical paraben that is extracted from bilberries and our bodies can breakdown safely. All their products are never tested on animals, contain no petrolatum (waste product from the oil-refining industry), no animal by-products (from rendering plants), no sulphates, phthalates, artificial dyes, flavours, fragrances (if you smell fruit, it's in there) or formaldahyde-donating preservatives. They are pH correct and hypo-allergenic, vegan certified, dermatologist tested and conform to the strictest European standards.

  14. Is this list still correct?! If so it's awesome and very useful. I love it!! Thank you. Emerald

    1. Yes it is, I went through it recently :) and thanks for your kind comments!

  15. Bettina, please include Mirabella Beauty as well. We too are free of parabens, glutens, talc and other harmful chemicals. We are sold in finer salons and spas in the US and Canada.

  16. Thank you for this. Can I add the company PHB Ethical Beauty. I have used their make up and skin care products and they are brilliant. Their products are certified halal, vegan, cruelty free, organic with natural ingredients so paraben free. They are a tad bit pricey but worth it.

  17. Beautiful list, thanks. Still very helpful. There is also http://www.tegoder.co.uk - they are paraben free too

  18. LimeLight by Alcone is all natural skincare. They are chemical and paraben free

  19. Could you please tell me if Arbonne is paraben free.


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