Thursday 12 January 2012

InStyler® Rotating Hot Iron Straighteners - Hair Tool Review

I am very pleased to be bringing you my first ever hair styling tool review!

The InStyler Rotating Hot Iron is billed as the ultimate 3 in 1 styling tool - promising to straighten, add volume and curl. The idea being that you won't need any other as this does it all!

It features a 32mm Hot Rotating Cylinder, a Heated Brush,Temperature LEDs and a Power Button.You may think it odd that I mention the power button but I have in the past used straighteners that do not have one. It also comes with a sectioning comb and a heat protective mat to rest the straighteners on that doubles as a storage bag.

The Instyler has 3 temperature settings with LED indicators :

Hi  (triple bar): 196° C - For thick, coarse hair
Med (double bar): 157° C - For thin to medium-textured hair
Low (Single bar): 140° C - For fine, thin hair
Off (no bars)

When you turn on the InStyler the LED lights flash as it is heating up, when it is ready the LED becomes solid  and stays lit, telling you that it has reached the desired selected temperature. I think this is a really useful feature. Push the button once for high heat, a second time for medium heat and a third time for low heat and then .

I have been giving this a whirl (literally) ever since I received it for review purposes, and have found it to be a real pleasure to use.

It is so simple to use - I have really thick hair so I have been using it on the highest setting.  To straighten you section the hair as you would with a pair of ordinary straighteners, place in the Instyler, cylinder side to hair and glide the Instyler down the hair. When the Instyler closes the cylinder rotates.

By far my favourite way to style my hair is to flip in, I follow the steps as above but nearer the ends I flip the cyclinder side outwards and the brush inwards - this creates fabulous ends. I have seen the end of straight lank hair just wonderfully styled hair with volume. It has honestly been a revelation.

 I have already given you a peek of what stunningly gorgeous waves it creates in this post. To create the waves, section the hair as normal, wrap a section around the cylinder and close for 5-10 seconds. Gently release hair and repeat on all sections until complete. I was surprised at how quickly I could create this effect.

Don't worry though as full instructions and a demo DVD are provided when you purchase the Instyler.

Plus points -

Practical To Use
Fool Proof
Easy To Create Different Styles
Brushes As You Go
Delivers Fabulous Volume
Creates Gorgeous Big Waves and Curls

I have only one negative against the tool - the Instyler is noisy although, like most white noise I have used it so often that now I don't even notice it..but that really is it. I LOVE it :-)

Admittedly it may appear to be pricey but it is so versatile as a styling tool and as someone who would prefer to pay the hairdresser to get the perfect blow dry as I was so useless at using hair tools.. this is saving me money and showed me that there really is something out there that I can use. I cannot imagine living without it now.

The Instyler is available from most Boots stores, QVC and from costing £99.99


  1. it seems im the only one who doesnt like this styler. i burned my head massively from the massive barrel the first time i used it and straightening hair is a pain cuz you need to turn the iron away from you for half the head to keep the barrel rotating into the right direction when straightening hair :s

    1. Oh dear that is a shame. I do have thick longish hair and I find it a real breeze to use and much prefer them to my standard straighteners. Also I have small hands and these are very comfortable to use.


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