Saturday 7 January 2012

No7 Lash Adapt Mascara - Reviewed

I have never tried false lashes and to be honest I may probably never try them for various reasons, as a result I am always on the look out for fabulous mascaras that can give me volume and length. I have always been left disappointed by No7 mascaras which promise the earth but have never really lived up to my expectations of them until now.... Lash Adapt Mascara claims to 'take your look from day to night' and allows you to add 6 coats clump free. It promises to build, define and volumise lashes.

Lash Adapt has to be the mascara that I had the least hopes for but has wowed me the most. 2 coats of mascara is perfect for my day look but if I want an evening look I can, if necessary, add up to 8 coats, no sign of clumping and my lashes remain as soft as anything. That is seriously impressive!

Close up of brush

The wand is a good design, nice and comfortable to hold. The brush is a good size, is easy to use, and doesn't feature a funny shape that leaves you requiring a degree to work out how to use it! It separates and coats the lashes perfectly and each coat really does apply as if it were the first.

As always I provide the before and after shots so you can see just how much of a difference Lash Adapt actually makes. I haven't used eye lash curlers or enhanced the images.

Using Lash Adapt Mascara

The volume and length are really visible here, this is after 5 coats.

As this was a press sample available before its launch it doesn't actually state on the tube which colour it is but it looks like it is black.

Lash Adapt is available in three shades - Black, Brown/black and Deepest Black and costs £12.50


  1. wow that's really impressive, great price too! you should try Loréal Volume Million Lashes is you haven't already, it's absolutely amazing once you've built up a few coats xx

    1. I have indeed, review on here :-) It is definitely one of my faves.

  2. Wow, this looks fantastic! I use the No7 Extreme Length which is brill for adding length but not great on volume. Might give this one a go next time instead!

  3. Harriet I have indeed tried Volume Million - review here to find out what I thought of it :-)


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