Wednesday 20 September 2017

Flash Fiction - Dusty Old Trainers

Here is this week's 100 word story based on the following picture prompt

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

Dusty Old Trainers

Mandy picked up the trainers from the back of the cupboard.  She wiped away at a tiny section, hidden under the thick dusty silvery coating, their original colour was revealed.
A keen runner back then, until the day she was raped. She couldn’t wear them after that, too many reminders, and yet she couldn’t bear to throw them away. Studied hard instead, carving a career as a criminal lawyer.
She placed them in the removals box. 
‘Mum, why are you taking these?’ Poppy curled her lip in disgust.
‘To remind me of just how far I have come.’ Mandy smiled.

Hope you enjoyed this 
Bettina x

Many thanks to Rochelle for this week's prompt. If you want to read more stories based on this picture - click here 

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Flash Fiction - Heartless

This week's 100 word story based on this picture prompt

PHOTO PROMPT © Kelvin M. Knight


Ryan opened the door of the bedroom, wearing little else but an apron and brandishing a tray of food.
‘I’ve made you breakfast.’ He stated enthusiastically with a grin on his face.
‘Oh! I don’t eat breakfast.’ Daisy flicked her hair seductively.
Ryan wasn’t about to give up. ‘I made you toast, it’s the healthy type. It’s seeded.’
‘I don’t eat bread, like ever!’ Daisy said dismissively.  
Ryan was crestfallen, ‘But I carved out hearts and everything.’
Daisy shrugged ‘Sorry! You should have asked.’
Ryan sighed. His dad was right, women were hard work.  Next time he wouldn’t bother. 

Hope you liked it
Bettina x

*With thanks to Rochelle for this week's picture prompt. If you wish to read more 100 word stories - click here 

Friday 8 September 2017

30 Signs A Man Is In The Doghouse

A poll of 2,000 women by has revealed the top 30 signs a man is in the doghouse and I thought it would be fun to share it on this dull, wet Friday!

Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

Top 30 signs men are in the doghouse:

1. Giving short responses such as “I’m fine” when he asks you about your day

2. Going to bed early to read

3. Rolling over in bed rather than spooning as usual

4. Not putting kisses on the end of a text message

5. Not responding to any gestures of affection

6. Leaving the house without kissing goodbye

7. Not replying to his messages as quickly as normal

8. Busying yourself with chores rather than sitting down to watch a bit of TV

9. Slam the doors

10. Withholding sex

11. Not making him a cup of tea when making yourself one

12. Slamming the dishes on the side when unpacking the dishwasher

13. Not waiting up for them to get in after they've been on a night out

14. Read his text messages so he gets the ‘read receipt’ but don’t reply

15. Spending all evening on the phone to girlfriends rather than talking to him

16. Locking the bathroom door when showering

17. Hog the bed

18. Not helping out with his washing

19. Watch a film he hates but you refuse to switch it off

20. Forgetting to make the dinner

21. Forgetting to iron his shirts

22. Watch the next episode of an exciting TV series without him even though you’ve promised you’d watch it together

23. Using the end of the milk / bread and not bothering to buy any more

24. Forgetting to make his lunch for work

25. Wear an outfit or comfy clothes around the house that you know he hates

26. Putting on your pyjamas and taking off make up before they get home from work

27. Leaving his favourite beer on the side to get warm

28. Stay at your parent’s/friend’s house overnight

29. Eat something smelly for when he gives you a kiss

30. Changing your screensaver or wallpaper on your phone from a picture of him to someone else

Do you do any of these or do you do something that isn't listed? I would love to hear from you!


Wednesday 6 September 2017

Flash Fiction - End Of The World

This week's 100 word story based on this picture prompt

Photo prompt © Danny Bowman

The End Of The World 

Millie clutched her throat, with only a single drop of water left in her flask she had to make it last. Her wavy blonde hair was matted, caked in blood and dust. Left for dead, that was some blow to her head.
She had been afraid of taking a gap year but Frederique had convinced her to go. She had trusted him, this was how she had been repaid.
She glanced around, her vision hazy, it was like the end of the world. In the distance the mountain glowed, whispering ‘Not the end, the beginning.’ She had to make it.

Hope you liked it
Bettina x

*With thanks to Rochelle for this week's picture prompt. If you wish to read more 100 word stories - click here 


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