Saturday 24 July 2010

Dove Summer Glow v Garnier Summer Body

I am not a fan of gaining colour from sitting in the sun as I seem to get headaches from it, and with a toddler I wouldn't really have time as I spend most of my time running after him anyway. However, I do like to have a nice sunkissed and all over glowy appearance in the summer. With this mind I purchased both these products to see what could be achieved and how they compare as they are competing in the same market.

I am pretty fair skinned but do tan quite easily due to my mixed heritage. Also my skin has a yellow tone to it, I chose to buy the fair to normal in Dove and the light sun-kissed from Garnier. Starting with my sugar scrub  to exfoliate and prepare the body (review coming soon), I then moisturised my elbows, knees and ankles to avoid those tell tale fake tan signs...

First of all I tried the Garnier Summer Body - This is a 12 hour daily moisturiser with a hint of tan that builds up to a natural sun-kissed glow - It goes on nicely and is quickly absorbed, by the next day I noticed a very subtle tan and by day 3 I had a lovely natural honey colour which was exactly what it said it would do - I did like it but the one thing that put me off was the scent, It was quite strong and seemed to last, not really to my taste.

A few days later and starting on a blank canvas, having prepared my skin I looked forward to trying Dove Summer Glow, again this is a Dove moisturiser with a hint of self tanning agent to gradually build a natural summer glow.  This says to use for 5 days to see best results but I used it to day 3 for the purposes of this review and comparison.  It went on very nicely as a moisturiser and dried quickly. I would say that this one gives a stronger colour, again very natural and sun-kissed but looking like I had spent a few days abroad.

In summary, both will give a natural sun kissed glow but my preference was for the Dove version as I preferred its scent which wasn't as overpowering as the Garnier.


  1. Thanks!
    I was wondering which one to get. Guess I'll go for Dove :)

  2. I have used both and came to the complete opposite conclusion!!! I found the Dove left a biscuity smell for hours whereas the Garnier one's fruity smell, albeit quite strong on applying, quickly faded away. I prefer the colour I get from the Garnier one too, it's more natural on me whereas the Dove one leaves me looking like I need a good wash!
    I think it's trial & error with these products unfortunately until you find the one that suits you personally.


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