Monday 26 July 2010

Umi Peach and Macadamia Nut Sugar Scrub

Waitrose have created a few own brand ranges and one of them is the Umi range.  The Waitrose website describes it as a range of exquisite toiletries. Umi combines natural, uplifting ingredients from food, plants and flowers in unique ways to indulge the body and ease the mind. With seductive aromas and sensual textures, this is a contemporary approach to beauty that satisfies the senses. Umi: luxury to inspire your soul.
I am always drawn to lush sounding products, particularly beauty and skincare with food in the description, so this very much appealed.  I recently tried the Peach and Macadamia Sugar Scrub from the range which promises rejuvenation.

It essentially looks like a jar of brown sugar grains and feels like it too but when I rubbed it into my wet skin, it went very slightly foamy and white and then slowly dissolved. 

It successfully removed any bumpy skin I had and left my body feeling silky soft and very smooth. I almost drifted away imagining I was having a spa treatment.  My bathroom was emitting the gorgeous scent so much so that when my husband walked past he asked me what that nice smell was.  I am not sure I was rejuvenated though..

I am looking forward to trying some more products from the range and if I can find a Waitrose that stocks the Umi Spa range featuring even more luscious sounding products then they will be finding their way into my shopping basket too!

All in all, a very nice sugar scrub costing £5 for 200g


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