Wednesday 14 July 2010

essie nail polish: ballet slippers

Ballet slippers - What does this evoke for you?

For me, it evokes fond memories of my ballet classes aged 5.  Pliés, twirls and toe pointing in my gorgeous soft pink ballet shoes whilst the gentle classical music plays..... So I simply had to get my hands on this best seller from essie.

I have small hands and consequently I am not too keen on drawing attention to them with bright red polish or similar unless it's a special occasion. So I have been on the look out for just this kind of flattering product. Generally I have found the polishes to be too light, too pink or too translucent.

Ballet slippers is just perfect for everyday unobtrusive pretty nails when you don't really want to go au naturale. I think it complements my skin tone quite nicely, is glossy and with 2 coats matches the colour in the pot well. 

Now, I just wonder if they are going to be bringing out a nail polish called tap shoes ......


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