Thursday 9 June 2011

Skin Wisdom Day Spa Range By Tesco

Readers of know that I love everything and anything to do with Rose scents, so when I read in a Sunday Magazine recently that Tesco sold a bath and body oil with Rose and Geranium in their Skin Wisdom Day Spa Range, I was looking forward to trying it.

The range was created and is used by three UK Spas - Cupcake, Pure and Glow - and is available exclusively to Tesco.

Now I love to be pampered but don't often get the chance to take time out of my life and head to a Spa so home pampering is the next best thing. I do try on a Sunday morning to spend a little time treating myself to a soak and have been using this range.

The packaging is attractive and not dissimilar to Molten Brown's, which a lot of brands seem to be doing now.

Pure De-Stress Unwind Bath and Body Oil ((Rose and Geranium)

Disappointingly I cannot detect the Rose which I was hoping for, but it is a pleasantly sweet floral scent which nods more to the Geranium. This is a bargain bath and body oil whose scent rises beautifully in the steam of the bath. I like the fact that it is dispensed in a handy glass spray bottle (non messy). I find it calming and leaves my skin soft.

Pure De-Stress Shower and Bath Gel (Rose and Geranium)

This complements the above product nicely. It has the same scent, lathers nicely (a little goes a long way) and once again leaves the skin soft to touch

Very Enriched Skin Silk Shower and Bath Gel (Vanilla and Neroli) & Very Enriched Ultra Rich Body Butter

Once again the scent lends itself far more to the Neroli than Vanilla which is quite spicy. I like this scent a lot and something keeps drawing me back to smell it on my skin. I think that it has something unisex about it and my husband is happy to use it.  Just like the Rose and Geranium, a little goes a long way.

The body butter has the same familiar spicy scent. It is a thick rich butter but sinks easily into the skin and is non sticky.

Used in conjunction with each other the gel and body butter perform exactly like their descriptions. My skin is deliciously smooth and silky, far silkier than it has felt in a long time.

My only reservation with the gels are that they do contain SLS - which can be a skin irritant, which explains why they foam up nicely. I do try wherever possible to avoid products that do contain them but realise that so many mainstream products have them in.

Overall, I think this is a really expensive feeling pampering range which really performs and of excellent value for the cost conscious.

The products are currently on offer, making them even better value!

You can find them at Tesco stores or online at

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  1. Oo they look interesting, I might have to check this range out then xx


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