Wednesday 29 June 2011

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil

After a wonderful massage on Saturday I had been wanting to continue the theme of indulgence and relaxation and this arrived in my post box just in time - Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil. This promises to help ease aches, sore joints and relieve stiffness and tension.

I like bath oils, I much prefer them to bubble baths. They feel really luxurious, soften the skin and wrap the bathroom in gorgeous scent, bringing a real treat to the senses. I just lie back and enjoy.

This one from Aromatherapy Associates has Lavender, Rosemary and Ginger as its key oils. Now, whilst I am not a fan of lavender, the way this has been blended means that it is not a strong lavender scent,  it is something really rather pleasant and actually I didn't want to get out of the bath! As my husband passed the bathroom he commented 'that smells nice' and that was with just one tiny capful in a full bath. I was impressed that the scent was nice and strong, Aromatherapy Associates say that this product contains therapeutic levels of the key oils. The ingredients are pure, containing just natural oils and nothing else.

The bottle is just gorgeous and passes my all important bathroom shelf test

The massage left my shoulder a bit tender so this seemed like the perfect time to see the oil's effectiveness and I can honestly say my shoulder felt so much better after using the oil, in fact my whole body just felt calm and rested. I even had a great night's sleep, Aromatherapy Associates products seem to do that to me.. the Relax Candle is one of my favourites for helping me to sleep.

This oil would be ideal if you do a lot of sport or if you are suffering from muscle strain or indeed for just any time your body feels heavy and stiff. 

Using the oil - It can be used either how I used it (a capful in the bath) or you can apply it to your body and shower it off.

Not recommended in pregnancy 

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower oil costs £37 for 55mls and can be purchased online from

*PR sample


  1. This sounds very nice, good to hear it is strong and not overly lavender smelling.

  2. I've never tried this but I do love the De-Stress muscle gel which is only £20 but amazing!


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