Wednesday 1 June 2011

Clinique Chubby Sticks Reviewed - My Summer Love!

Ever since I saw the press release photos of the Chubby Sticks my mouth has been watering, (full name Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm) I just knew that I would love them.. The colour balms are made with a highly moisturising formula combining a special blend of butters, oils and antioxidants to help protect and pamper lips with immediate and lasting moisturisation. Chubby sticks contain Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil. With a choice of 8 shades my only decision would be which one to go for.

Before I had decided, I was sent two to review -

Graped Up and Woppin' Watermelon

This is how they translate onto my lips

Graped Up

Woppin' Watermelon

These are just so gorgeous on the lips, you can see from the photos just how moisturising these really are and they feel just as lovely on the lips. Chubby sticks are so easy to apply, give a decent hint of colour and condition the lips. I love the slight shine they exude without being a sticky gloss formula.

Although they are packaged like a pencil you simply need to twist the top to get more balm out - I would think it would be some time before I needed to do that, but I did wonder what would happen when the time came...

I am super impressed these are just as mouthwatering as I imagined and now I want to get either Chunky Cherry or Super Strawberry.

What is not to love!

Chubby Sticks come in 8 shades and cost £14 - Shades available - Chunky Cherry, Woppin' Watermelon, Graped Up, Richer Raisin, Whole Lotta Honey, Mega Melon, Fuller Fig and Super Strawberry.


  1. Ooh might have a look at these on the weekend :)

  2. Have a feeling one of these might make its way on to my ever increasing duty free shopping list!

  3. They look gorgeous, I love the Woppin' watermelon, very fresh and summery looking. Jude x @jadlgw

  4. Loving the look of these - not heard of them before - a must me thinks ............ x

  5. Woppin' watermelon looks lovely. I really like that they're packed with moisturising ingredients. They've been on my to buy list since they launched, definitely going to treat myself to one once exams are over x

  6. I've got an appointment with Clinique this weekend so I shall be purchasing a few! Happy days :D

  7. Woppin' watermelon is a lovely shade x

  8. Michelle Simas3 June 2011 at 13:08

    Ooh look nice, may have to add to my Birthday wishlist!

  9. Thank you for all your comments, they are much appreciated.

    I love the woppin' watermelon - I have been pretty much using it every day since!

    I hope you love them as much as I do :-)


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