Thursday 9 December 2010

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle

This candle from Aromatherapy claims to be relaxing so needless to say I  was curious to see if it was true to its description...

The relax candle is scented with spicy West Indian bay, Geranium and the precious oil appealing blend at this time of the year.

This candle is simply beautiful, it looks attractive in a heavy frosted glass and packaged in a soft gold box. - first smell and I was hooked - so delicate with a hint of spice. Within 5 minutes of the candle being lit there was a beautiful, gentle aroma swirling around my living room. Soon I was transported to far away shores in a dreamy haze. This scented candle had the ability to relax and calm me down after the hectic day I had had and melt away any worries..

 I was so impressed, usually in the evenings my mind is working over time, going over the day I have had and what I need to do the next day, added to that anything else that has cropped up that might be praying on my mind.

The way I felt having had this lit for an hour was interesting when compared to the claims from Aromatherapy Associates - The beautiful aroma of spicy West Indian Bay warms and comforts while Geranium uplifts the room and helps to balance the emotions. The precious oil of Myrrh traditionally known to protect the spirit, completes the aroma, helping to cleanse the mind.

The piece de resistance? Once I blew out the candle and retired to bed I quite simply had the best night's sleep in a long, long time. Now I want this lit every night!

I think this is a beautiful gift for anyone in need of some relaxation. With the presence of Myrrh it is so apt for this time of the year.

Relax Candle is priced at £24 and is available to purchase from Fortnum and Mason and Liberty of London  or online at

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