Tuesday 14 December 2010

Batiste Dry Shampoo- Review

I have always been a traditionalist and dismissed dry shampoo as for the lazy and something I would never, ever try..but there has been a real buzz about it recently so I felt compelled to find out what all the fuss has been about.

I thought dry shampoo was like a talc that I poured all over my hair so was surprised to find it was available in a handy and easy to use spray can.

Silver Shimmer - £2.99 for 150mls

I made sure my hair was looking a bit greasy and in need of a wash before trying this out... (luckily I wasn't going anywhere..) and then I just took the can to my hair and sprayed, probably a bit too much as when I saw the reflection in my mirror I thought I had ages 40 years - I had grey hair!

A quick brush through  (to remove the excess) and I had a glamorous hint of shimmer to my hair, it was back to its usual colour and looked full of life with body and bounce. It smelt amazing and fresh, a nice perfume type scent.

I must have over sprayed though as my can no longer works :-(

This version is ideal for party season although next time I may try the Gold Shimmer.

Original On The Go - £1.49 for 50mls

This handy little can is just perfect for the handbag and when you need to freshen up when out and about..from office to party! I like the original version as the scent is so delicate it is barely detectable (it is a citrus scent) but does exactly what it promises on the can.

Fresh - £2.30 for 150mls

This scent is described as forest fresh and is another great scented product. I loved the way it left my hair smelling fabulous. Just remember to protect your clothing if you are wearing dark colours as it covers it all. I wore a black top and it took a while to remove the traces of spray over it... really easy to use, spray and then with your fingers work product through the hair, use a soft brush to remove excess if necessary.

So, to sum up Batiste dry shampoo is a quick, convenient way to instantly transform your hair until the next wash.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is available from Boots and Superdrug stores including their on-line stores.

Do you use dry shampoo - which is your favourite?
Or will you now try some ?

*PR samples


  1. I have quite a good one by Tigi. It's OK for refreshing my fringe and roots if desperate but am generally not a fan of dry shampoo.

  2. I've just started using the Batiste one and i love it! I really like the way it gives my roots a bit of a boost as well. Great for me as a mum of 2, saves me endless time if i don't have to wash my hair for just one more day!


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