Tuesday 7 December 2010

Frontcover Professional Brush & Eye Colour Collection

I love the Frontcover To Go palette book which contains a huge selection of fabulous and wearable eye colours and from the same company comes this book - Professional.

In the book there are 2 palettes containing 5 shadows each - so 10 great shades to create lots of different looks. You also get an eye brush set to enable you to create them and a cute clutch (be aware that the clutch is plain on the other side).

My sister found this set very appealing and had a play with some of the colours...

Some of the colours are not as vivid as on the palette which may come as a relief or a disappointment depending on how you like your shadows to appear. I can confirm the turquoise is utterly fabulous and looks fantastic with my green eyes. I was going to post a picture but unfortunately when I am trying to zoom, it is coming out blurred - I may come back to this post to show you how pretty it is at a later date.

The shadows are quite powdery so can leave a bit of a mess on the palette and some fall out occurs on the eye too. This can be addressed by getting a big fluffy brush and applying loose powder under the eye. Once application is complete, get the big brush and just brush the loose powder away which will have collected any dropped shadow. Result -  perfect eyes!

Professional is available from Boots stores and www.boots.com priced at £25


  1. Wow these look amazing- very glam rock, and perfect for Christmas parties too! I'm so unadventurous with eyeshadows, but might give some of these looks a try...

  2. I've seen that in boots! I wanted the book palette but hadn't heard any reviews on it!
    I really like the look of that turquoise! Bet it looks fab on.. Can't wait to see pics :)


  3. Awesome looks!! Wow! The last one is so so beautiful!


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