Thursday 7 October 2010

Yes to Carrots C the Difference Exfoliating and Smoothing Mud Mask

I first came across the Yes To Carrots range of products in the beauty section of a Sunday magazine and as I hadn't heard of it before was keen to find out more. So I carried out the obligatory google search and found out a bit more about the company (they also have a Yes To Tomatoes range) and was keen to try it out for the following reasons -

It is Paraben free
It is Organic
It uses Dead Sea mud and minerals
It contains fruit and vegetables

This mask promises to tone, purify and revitalise. Use it once a week by applying a thin layer all over your cleansed face avoiding eyes and mouth. Allow to penetrate and dry for 5 minutes. Remove using a damp cloth.

As this product is aimed at Dry to Sensitive skin, today's guest review comes from my adorable (fussy about what she uses) little sister Roxanna -

Here are her comments about the mask

1. It seems quite hard to apply, very thick and paste like, didn't glide with my fingers however my face looked like the traditional "girls night in mask" the type you would see in the movies!

2. I quite like that there is no strong smell and that it dries nicely within the 5 minute timeframe. I have quite sensitive eyes and when products such as masks or creams are placed near them they tend to water. My eyes did not water with this product which was a nice surprise.

3. When washing it off, it formed lumpy bits but despite this was easy to remove.

4. Once it was all off and I patted my face dry, I noticed the parts of my face that had blemishes appeared clearer

5. The overall feeling of my face seemed to have transformed in the total of 7 minutes.  It felt much softer and very silky! My skin sometimes when using other products dries out again fast and becomes tight but using this mask I haven't felt any dryness, in fact it feels hydrated.

6. Would I say Yes To Carrots??? I WOULD NOW! :)

Thanks Roxanna for trying the mask for me.

The Yes To range is available from Debenhams stores nationwide.

C the Difference mask is priced £11.99 for 50mls

Look out for future reviews of products from the Yes To range.


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