Friday 29 October 2010

Fabulous Pearl Jewellery

I am a huge, huge fan of Pearl Jewellery as readers of this blog and my twitter followers will be aware and these items have really caught my eye!

'Halo' range - freshwater pearl and Swarovski round crystals

Bracelet - £24 in Sterling Sliver
Pendant - £21 in Sterling Silver
Earrings - £14.50 in Sterling Silver

And this bracelet from the 'Hope' range - freshwater pearls and crystal rhinestone balls

This is also £24 in Sterling Silver (rhinestone balls are silver plated)

For more details (there are lots of options on the site) and to place an order, these are available from the gorgeous Lisa @


  1. So pretty, love the rhinestone balls in the bracelet x

  2. Beautiful aren't they - I love the Halo range. She's fantastic with bespoke designes too - just done a beautiful Tigers Eye and Swarkovski Crystal bracelet for my friends 40th - can't recommend her highly enough x

  3. I love pearl jewellery, especially necklaces!

  4. Pearls are known to add an elegant look, not just to you, but even on the dresses. These pearl jewellery are widely chosen by women who want to look extraordinarily beautiful on their special day. It is never out of style. It radiates, style, social status, luxury and elegance. Thanks a lot.

  5. Pearl jewelery helps to bring out the most charming side of the ladies. It presents the diligence of the person who wears it during the important events. These jewelery evenly well matched with a traditional dress and also looks fashionable with the modern outfit as well. It is the best gift item to any woman, who is special to you in some way or the other. Thanks.


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