Monday 18 November 2013

Alter Ego Hairdryer From Ego Professional - Review

My hair is long, thick and porous and as a result it can take me ages to dry it ready for straightening. In the past this has meant many times leaving the house with a style unfinished.. however what I have learnt is that not all hairdryers are the same. When I lived at home I was spoilt, my mum had a professional hairdryer. When I bought my own (different brand, much cheaper..) I wondered why it would take me literally hours to dry my hair...

I did buy a more fairly expensive hairdryer (over £50 under £100) but it is quite heavy so after a while my arm begins to ache and it is noisy so I kind of regret it now. I probably should have bought one over the £100 mark like this one that I have been trying out from Ego Professional because it is only when you try better that you realise what you have been missing!

The Alter Ego Hairdryer 

The Alter Ego is a Sunny Dryer as opposed to a Windy Dryer.

Windy Dryers blast out air and blow water molecules off the hair. Imagine it’s raining on your car windscreen and a gust of wind comes along. It blows the water molecules clean off the screen and this is essentially how a windy dryer operates.

Sunny Dryers use gentle, yet strong heat to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Back in the car if the sun shines after a rain shower, on the windscreen you can actually see the water molecules reducing in size until they disappear. The sunny dryers evenly distribute heat from the inside out, meaning less damage and healthier hair.

Alter Ego say

The Alter Ego's  ‘far infrared’ technology achieves quicker results than conventional heaters as it uses HW2 technology to emit negative ions which evaporate excess water off more quickly. The remaining moisture is broken down and then absorbed and locked into the individual hair strands. This deeper heating means hair can be styled more quickly and the results are healthier and last much longer.

Static electricity is also eliminated using this far infrared styling because the negative ions manage to smooth and seal the hair's scale like outer structure, the cuticle. With it being sealed and smooth, the cuticle layer protects the hair shaft from chemicals, the elements and daily abuse. It also helps to reflect light more brilliantly, create less frizz, fewer tangles and it polishes any style to a silky-smooth, jewel like shine.

It combines the precious gemstone, Tourmaline – an electrically charged mineral, considered one of nature’s most potent emitters of negative ions and far infrared heat - with the 4000 year old mineral rich red earth of the mountainous forests of Korea. Together they harness the power of far-infrared rays and anions and the double-sided honeycomb shaped HW2 molecules. The result is a fantastic dryer that actively removes toxins and static from each hair while reducing styling time, retaining moisture and cushioning the hair from direct and damaging heat. HW2 is the best of nature and the ultimate in technology to give amazing, healthy, sleek and shiny hair.


Ceramic and Tourmaline
10 ft swivel chord
Ultra lightweight
8 heat and speed settings, including a cool setting
1700 Watts

My thoughts 

Well this dryer is quieter than my usual dryer, is much lighter than my dryer, has a very useful longer chord so I can stretch it to my mirror to see my styling and dries my hair in less than 10 minutes! (I timed it) My hair is left smooth, feeling silky soft and it has reduced the amount of flyaways. Fantastic.

The only thing that I find slightly irritating is that the controls are right where my hand holds the dryer and they are very sensitive to touch and so you can end up switching off the dryer without intending to.

Alter Ego Dryer from Ego Professional has an RRP £109.99 - call 0845 230 9660 for stockist information

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