Monday 25 November 2013

Lush Scents - For One Month Only....

Fallen in love with the scent of your favourite lush product, ever wondered how fab it would be if there was a perfume with that scent.. well wonder no more! Exciting news for Lush fans - For one month only the top selling fragrances have been turned into a liquid perfume and are available to purchase online from

The five limited scents are

Snowcake (£23 for 30g)
This sweet smelling marzipan fragrance has all the delicious warmth of an almond pastry or a crisp macaroon. With sweet benzoin resinoid, floral rose absolute and the blackcurrant fruitiness of cassie absolute, this is a cosy, comforting fragrance that’s just perfect to see you through the long cold winter.

Lush products that share the Snowcake scent include… Marzipan Bubble Bar, Smitten hand cream and Snowcake soap.

Snow Fairy (£25 for 30g)
Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without the sweet fragrance of Snow Fairy. If you love pear drops, candy floss and dolly mixtures, let Snow Fairy send you on a fluffy pink journey of fragrance that will keep you smelling sweet and tasty.

Lush products that share the Snow Fairy scent include… Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Magic Wand bubble bar and Snow Fairy sparkle bar.

Ponche (£23 for 30g)

A fiesta of fragrance, bursting with fruity energy and exotic oil, Ponche is just the thing to pair with your best dress and high heels. The citrus scent of pettigrain oil combines with exotic davana and buchu oils to create something really special. Ponche is inspired by a boozy fruit punch that’s traditional in Mexico. Refreshing and juicy, Ponche is a joyful and uplifting perfume with a real kick.

Lush products that share the Ponche scent include… Ponche Shower Gel.

Calacas (£25 for 30g)

This fruity fragrance smells deliciously of lime and jelly beans and will put a smile on the face of all who wear it. Lime and neroli oils give Calacas its citrus edge, with earthy frankincense (olibanum) to give a rich depth to the perfume.

Calacas is a favourite from Halloween past and used in Calacas shower jelly, The Enchanter bath bomb and Lady Catrina soap.
Rose Jam (£30 for 30g)

With real Turkish rose oil, rose absolute, a hint of zingy lemon and dash of geranium oil, the beautiful Rose Jam fragrance is one of the Lush’s most popular scents. Rich, fruity and luxurious, Rose Jam is a modern, youthful perfume that’s nothing like the old-fashioned rose scents found on your grandma’s dressing table.

Lush products that share the Rose Jam scent include… Bubbleroon, Ro’s Argan body conditioner and Rose Jam shower gel.

Reading these descriptions I am most tempted by Rose Jam, Snow Fairy and Snowcake, mmm!... Which ones are you tempted by?

These limited perfumes are available from 22nd November for one month only.


  1. Damn I just got all excited hoping there would be a Grass perfume! I bet all the Snow Fairy addicts are going nuts right now. Maybe they'll do another Scent thingy in the Spring GRASS GRASS GRASS please Lush!


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