Monday 11 November 2013

Simple Kind To Skin + Radiance Brightening Wipes - Lazy Girl Cleansing

Party season equals party makeup but it also equals late nights.. and this is where some lazy girl cleansing comes into play. Facial wipes are perfect for the odd occasion, fast, non messy and convenient.

I find that a lot of wipes can be quite harsh on my skin, leaving it red and sore as I try to remove all my makeup so I was curious to try these ones from Sensitive Skin Experts - Simple. If I am going to scrimp on my usual cleansing routine I want to make sure the cheat's way is going to also be effective and is still taking care of my skin.

Simple say 

Radiance Brightening Wipes are a perfect blend of gentle cleansers, skin-loving ingredients and mango extract to cleanse and remove impurities. With added moisturisers. Perfect even for sensitive skin.

3 Skin loving ingredients
- Mango
- Glycerin
- Bisabolol

No alcohol or Oil - Non drying and non greasy

No artificial colour or perfume

My thoughts 

The wipes are a decent size, reasonably thick and are unscented. I find that they are gentle, they don't make my skin sore or red. Skin is left cleansed, feeling soft, not tight and not sticky. It effectively removes heavy makeup and is gentle enough to use on my eyes and mascara removal, I only need one wipe to remove everything. Great party season essential.

Simple Kind To Skin + Radiance Brightening Wipes costs £4.19 for 25 wipes

*PR sample


  1. I have to say, if I'm going to be using a face wipe to get rid of my make-up, it'll be one of the ones from Simple.

  2. Oh wow - these sound nice. I have never seen them in store. I am not an avid wipe user but I do like to have a pack in my drawer just incase & these sounds good


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