Monday 25 November 2013

Melvita Rose Shower Cream

Melvita say 

This Rose Shower Cream offers a smooth lather and a delicious natural fragrance without drying the skin, preserving the balance of even the most delicate skins.
Combining an extra-gentle, soap-free washing base with a subtle cocktail of Rose seed milk, Musk Rose oil and floral water, it makes your skin feel softer and more comfortable.

My thoughts 

This shower cream feels soft and silky as it glides across the skin. It has a wonderful light rose fragrance (I am a huge fan of rose scents) that is nothing like the old fashioned heavy Rose scent that a lot of people find overbearing, using this whilst shaving my legs I found it to be non irritating. Gentle, comforting and skin smoothing. Provides a pleasurable bathing experience. Skin is left feeling wonderfully soft. A lovely natural skincare product.

Melvita Rose Shower Cream 200ml costs £10 but I have noticed it on their website for a rather bargainous £5 right now!

*PR Sample


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