Thursday 28 July 2011

Nails Of The Day - Mavala Elegance

A little while ago I won my choice of 5 nail polishes from Mavala on twitter. One of those shades was Mavala Gold which I love. Mavala Elegance was another of my choices. On the site and in the bottle it looks like a beigey/ latte brown shimmery shade and I was really looking forward to applying it. To be honest I am disappointed with this choice as it not a great match for my skin tone, it doesn't lift it all. That said I like Mavala minis a lot, very easy to apply and the ones I have tried so far have not streaked.


With Flash

This polish is another in the pearl range. When applied I think Elegance looks very similar to and would make a good dupe for Orly's Gilded Coral. In fact I was so taken by the similarity I went and applied Gilded Coral to compare. Here is the original picture I took.

On closer inspection the difference is subtle, Gilded Coral is a thicker, creamier texture which only needs one coat to achieve the same look as Elegance which needs two.. It has more gold running through it so when the sun/light hits it is more gold in appearance, whereas Elegance has more of a pinky/peach tone to it.  Looking at these pictures I am not sure if I was able to capture the similarity between the two but it is definitely there!

I wish I had been more adventurous when choosing the five shades. Now Summer is here a fab, bright orange or coral would have been ideal.. I have three more shades to try from those that I won so look out for future Nails Of The Day.


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