Sunday 13 February 2011

NOTD - Orly Gilded Coral

Back in December I gave a preview of the new Precious Collection from Orly which was being launched in January 2011.

I mentioned then that the Gilded Coral really appealed and today I am featuring it as my nails of the day. Just as I thought, I love it. It is a stunning coral colour, peach with a slightly pink tone and a beautiful gold shimmer to lift it to something special. I think this is so pretty on...

I even found a bracelet to complement it !

*PR Sample


  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous colour. Just enough without being too much if that makes sense x

  2. omg, this is the second time (only) that i see this polish and it confirms my initial thoughts: the prettiest thing on earth. champagne rosy gold I would call it. love it. how come this is only the second time i dont know, cos the whole world needs to know about this beauty xx thank you for gorgeous photos xx

  3. wow, that colors is amazing! it's so pretty, I really want to get some :) great shade


  4. I must say this is completely gorgeous. Is it anything like Rage at all? To me it looks prettier and less in your face. Thanks for this. Jan x

  5. It is so gorgeous, I keep admiring my nails!

    Jan - I haven't seen Rage in real life but looking on the web it looks a lot more shiny, metallic and glittery looking. Gilded Coral is a lot more wearable and understated in my opinion


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