Wednesday 23 February 2011

My Makeup Organiser

I have to admit that my makeup and skincare has taken over my room a bit, if not quite a bit of the house. I have it in 2 wardrobes, a drawer, cupboard downstairs, not to mention in various bags on my chest of drawers. Just before Christmas I had a bit of a clear out of my older products but it really wasn't enough.

I decided it was time I did some organising, not least to know what I have got and to get my hands on the items easily. I have been keeping my eyes open for something suitable for some time now. As soon as I picked it up I thought this would be useful and so I have now embarked on the beginning of makeup organisation...

Click for a closer look
This has 6 decent sized compartments, comes with a lid and has handles (the handles hold the lid in place).

Now I admit this organizer doesn't have space for my vast collection of lipsticks and glosses (the majority of which are currently in a fab Zuneta box) So, I am still on the look out for something suitable. If you have any ideas I would welcome seeing them

I haven't begun to organise my skincare products just yet.. I think I would need boxes with some depth to enable them to be stood upright ?

This is a start but I am really happy with the way things are going and discovering the products I once bought and have long forgotten about!

I also have loads of space on top of my drawers and keep my everyday products in a makeup bag on the top - it looks so tidy and spacious now, instead of the unsightly clutter it used to be.

My makeup organiser was bought at HobbyCraft for £9.99 and is this beauty bloggers ideal :-)

What do you think, What do you store your makeup in ?


  1. That's such a good idea! I love the flat tray idea, you can see everything you have at a glance :o) I got a plastic drawer set from Asda last weekend on offer for a fiver, so I am looking forward to organizing it all this weekend! Lovely blog :o)


  2. Oh how i love to be tidy and organised!! Life just feels ha little bit less stressful when you don't have to dig around for the blush you want a 7am :) Because it's right THERE. Sigh.

    Ok i sound stupid but i do love makeup organisation posts! I need to sort mine out a bit more, my system struggles when i make new purchases!

    Jo xoxo

  3. I love storage! I don't have a great deal of make-up but what I do have is kept in little canvas boxes in my bedside cupboard. That's for the stuff I use regularly. All the rest is in various bags at mum and dad's. No wonder they don't have any room:)

  4. Oh the shame, I have my make up in a huge Stanley toolbox :-(
    I wouldn't mind but at the moment I rarely wear it.

    I am embarrassed

  5. It looks great I am now inspired to sort out my makeup! Mine is currently in a shoe box!!


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