Thursday 24 February 2011

Poppy King Collaboration With No7

On Tuesday I was at The Dorchester's Spatisserie for the unveiling and launch of Poppy King's first exclusive collaboration with Boots No7.

Whilst we nibbled on gorgeous finger food of sandwiches and mini scones and sipped tea we were treated to Poppy King chatting about the range that has been devised.

It is extremely hard not to get excited by this range from Poppy King, the lipstick legend and No7. Meeting and chatting to the lady herself she just exudes enthusiasm, passion and a real belief in the range and concept.

Poppy King really understands women and want they want and this is expressed in the collection that will be available from March 2011.  My favourite quote from Poppy is ' to invite women back to the joys of lip colour and encourage them to introduce some wearable glamour into their life'. Who doesn't want glamour in their life!

The concept is simple - Poppy identified the top seven reasons why women love wearing lip colour and has designed a shade to match each reason.  7 lipsticks with matching/complementing lip glosses. Poppy also researched shades from the No7 archives and colours key to No7's brand and mixed these with her own enthusiasm for retro Bakelite Jewellery.

The lipsticks look rich and full and yet when applied they are soft and sheer like a tint - so much less scarier than they appear.. The glosses are fab too, they have great colour and glide on, pretty much non sticky and can be worn on their own or over the matching lipsticks. I really feel like there is something in the range that will suit everyone.

The 7 shades of lipsticks and glosses are

1. History  (red)
2. Power (rose)
3. Glamour (pink)
4. Seduction (blackberry)

And 3 nudes, I really want all of these!

5. Intrigue (pink nude)
6. Confidence (nude)
7. Allure (peach)

They come in appealing and cute vintage style spotty packaging, inspired by Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot and Man Ray's Lip motifs. Adorable!

Look out for my Face Of  The Day soon where I will be wearing Seduction ....

The lipsticks cost £12 and the glosses cost £11 - available at Boots from 23rd March 2011


  1. The spotty table designs look amazing!

  2. I had no idea!! I'm so excited!! I was the BIGGEST devotee of her lipsticks in the early 90s... then they just disappeared.

    She's ba-ack...!


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