Thursday 3 February 2011

17 Photo Flawless Primer - A winner!

17 Photo Flawless Primer is part of a new range of make up products from 17 called Photo Flawless created to leave you with a photo flawless finish.

This is marketed as an affordable primer that promises to minimise pores and prolong foundation wear. I have primers that do one or the other but not both and they cost quite a bit more per ml so I was really looking forward to testing this primer out.

The product comes in a squeezable tube in sleek black and gold packaging, looking far more expensive than it actually is.

It comes out as a slightly creamy texture - very similar in fact to Benefit's 'porefessional' except it is whiter.

It is easy to apply and glides on beautifully. I found that it really did create a perfect base for my foundation. This primer left my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and silky, in fact I had to keep touching it to believe it.

Once my foundation was on I had a fantastic flawless matte base, my pores were covered completely and there was not a hint of shine. It also prolonged my foundation, on one of my test days I walked for nearly an hour, breaking a sweat and my make up still looked fresh upon arrival at my destination. In fact hours later my skin still looked good.

I am seriously impressed with this product and I think it may be a very strong contender to be added to my Beauty Essentials Page. It may just be my product of the year....but of course it is only February.

If this is your first dip into the world of primers, at this price, I really think you cannot go wrong!

17 Photo Flawless Primer costs £4.99 for 15ml and is available from Boots stores and online.


  1. Hmm, I tend to steer clear of primers because some of them I have tried, especially Smashbox, have been loaded with silicone and have a tendency to 'roll off' as they sit on top of the skin. Think I may give this one a try though as it's such a good price :)

  2. I'd been considering buying this so after reading this I think I will make a purchase! Great review! x

  3. loving the new blog layout! :) & cool review

  4. So it minimised pores, but did it "prolong foundation wear"?


  5. ...also, one more thing: the Boots website claims that the tube is only 8 ml and not 15 ml...

    So a wee bit small; still very cheap though, and that makes it more portable and will still last AGES.

    Sorry - I feel like I'm being a huge pain in the neck when you've posted a really good review!

  6. Galen - I noticed that too!

    I have a 15ml tube in my hands - I checked with Boots PR that 15 ml is what you get and they said they would be correcting their literature, I hope they do it soon x

  7. wow! I think I will certainly have to buy this, most primers are quite costly so I'm glad they have brought this out! x

  8. It cost approx £5 for 15ml, it does not work out to be cheaper than other primers

  9. Anon - I have been looking at costs and this one is a good price? Are you thinking about any other primers in particular?

  10. you have definitely convinced me to purchase this, I feel like I need it right now haha! thank you for your fab reviews!


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