Friday 4 February 2011

The Valentine's Day Post

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St Valentine's Day.

What does it mean to you? Some people embrace it, others feel it is meaningless nonsense of a commercial nature.  It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending greeting cards.

I have always really liked the idea of it. When I was at primary school I wanted to give a  letter and a packet of love hearts to the boy I fancied. In my mid teens I would receive a Valentine's card in the post every year signed with an X, I still have no idea who sent that! In my late teens to mid twenties I enjoyed and embraced the cards, dinners out and gifts from the boyfriends I was dating at the time.

I started dating my now husband in January 2003. I planned to pop to the shopping centre to pick up a card for him the night before Valentine's Day. I know, nothing like leaving it to the last minute!. Unfortunately my mum was taken ill that night so we ended up escorting her to hospital and I never got a chance to buy the card. I felt so guilty that he had bought me a card, a CD and tickets to see Blood Brothers!

Still, he must have forgiven me as we were still together for the following Valentine's Day..when yes, you guessed it, I planned to buy his card the night before and well what can I say my mum was taken ill and I was in the hospital with her. He was coming to the hospital to take me out to dinner when he got clamped by private clampers, threatened with his car being removed from the petrol station and held in a car pound. He had no option but to pay £350 cash there and then. Needless to say by the time he picked me up, neither of us was in the mood for dinner :-(

Year 3 and this time we planned to forget about the previous 2 years Valentine's and make it special, we even booked a week off work. We had just moved into our new house and all was rosy..except I started feeling ill towards the end of the week at work and by Saturday had an awful double ear infection. He cooked me a romantic dinner but I couldn't eat it, food was just dribbling out the end of my mouth (so romantic!!) and I had no coordination. I was in so much pain. I spent that week crawling around the floor feeling sick from all the medication I was on.

It has been great ever since, except 2 years ago when we spent it apart as he had to be in Ireland due to a death in the family.

Since then we have always tried to make it special whether staying at home or going out for dinner. Oh and I buy my card well in advance!

This year I would be happy to receive either of these lovely chocolate boxes from Hotel Chocolat

And if he finds himself in London then these cute meringues will do me nicely!


Pictured products are available to purchase from Hotel Chocolat and Le Pain Quotidien

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day ?


  1. This is such a lovely post. Thankyou for sharing and I hope you have a great evening. Jan x

  2. Ah brilliant. Sorry u had so many disasters. The first year we were together I was in new zealand. So we dleayed it a month and I got him guess how much I love you. The next year we had booked a night in a posh hotel last was a memorable night but mainly becuase I had a bad tummy upset and it was windy lol. We have had a few nice ones since then but now celebrate in our own way and on a different date as my sis died on 15th feb.this year we will be at mum and dads and mainly ignore it.

  3. Lovely post! Amazing story :)



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