Wednesday 9 February 2011

Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF15 - Foundation Review

I recently picked up a sample of this liquid foundation to try as I have noticed that a bit of redness has appeared on my inner cheeks. I hoped that this foundation would disguise this. The sample I have is 03 - Ivory. A good match for my pale (ish) yellow toned skin.

Clinique claims 'that Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 camouflages redness. The soothing oil-free formula instantly colour-corrects flushing, blushing. Beneficial probiotic technology helps strengthen skin's barrier. Keeps environmental triggers at bay with SPF plus antioxidants'.

I have worn it a few times now. I am suitably impressed with this foundation, it covered the redness instantly and although I did wear a primer underneath,  it lasted all day.  I would describe this foundation as quite matte. I didn't glow, and neither did I shine. I really liked the way it was so smooth and easy to apply providing excellent coverage, blending seamlessly with very little effort. I felt flawless and it left me feeling confident (ie not conscious of my redness) within seconds.

Here is a close up of my cheek area that is usually red, 8 hours after I applied the foundation

As with many of the newer foundations on the market, this feels light on the skin, which is great for the coverage. It also feels strangely calming. I have read that with continued use this can help reduce the I would be interested to hear from anyone who has/is using this foundation.

If you suffer from redness I would think this would definitely be worth a try as I think this is an excellent foundation to conceal/cover redness.

Redness Solutions Makeup SPF15 is available to purchase from Clinique counters or online at costing £21 for 30ml and comes in 6 shades

What do you think ? Have you tried this foundation yet ?


  1. I have tried this and also like it! Ivory is too dark for me though (I had a sample) so will be interested to see if the range of shades is any good. I hope so!

  2. i tried this but unfortunately it broke me out!! it was a great foundation before that though, i think i'm pretty rare with breaking out from clinique lol.


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