Wednesday 20 July 2011

Nails Of The Day - FashionistA Magnetic Polish

I have not really been taken by the craze for crackle polishes hence not featuring it here, glitter polishes are just too hard to remove, so whilst they look pretty on I will rarely buy them. Nail art is not easy on small nails like mine, so I have also given that a miss. However, this Autumn trend I am sure will really take off as it looks amazing and feels so smooth on the nails.

I love it!

FashionistA Magnetic Polish are set to launch exclusively in Superdrug and on sale on their own website in September with a choice of 5 shades of polish. The magnet that is used to create this look is attached to the lid of the polish. Achieve this effect easily in just seconds by holding the magnet over the polish.

 I am wearing a dark red/pink colour, but I saw people having purple and silver shades applied, which were equally gorgeous.

Keep a look out for this as I think this trend will be huge!


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