Saturday 16 July 2011

Eyebrow Threading At Shavata Brow Studio - Review

Last Wednesday I had my eyebrows threaded for the very first time at the Shavata Brow Studio in House of Fraser Oxford Street, London.

In the past the most I would do would be a small pluck with tweezers so I am well aware that my eyebrows were in dire need of shaping. I have often read that if you get the eyebrows right it can take years off you, similarly pluck too much and they can age you! I chose Shavata as there has been a lot in the printed press about how good they are.

I am going to admit that I really do not do pain well so I was quite nervous as I have heard that threading can be painful and I wasn't really sure what to expect... Nevertheless I headed to House of Fraser, had a coffee and then booked myself in. There was no waiting list so I was seen immediately.

The lady who did my brows asked me how I would like them done, for some reason I was under the impression that the threader would look at your overall face and eyes to determine what the perfect shape was for you. I said I wasn't really sure, I knew I didn't want too thin, but a nice arch and thinner at the ends. I haven't a clue! She then said she had an idea of what she would do and to leave it to her.

There were a few seats at the open stand, I preferred the look of the ones within the stand, people wouldn't be walking around you as they ended up doing to me as I was seated with my head facing the traipsing crowds.First she trimmed the hairs with scissors and then set to work, I was then asked to hold my eye area taut. Again, I had no idea that I would be asked to do this but I went along with it anyway. I won't lie, it stung and hurt like mad, it felt like the hairs were being ripped out violently..I did not show my pain though inside I was silently screaming. I actually think I coped very well. I could feel the hairs being flicked across my face, that is a strange sensation.

The whole experience was over in about 15 minutes. I was given something to put on my eye as one of them had bleeding from the threading, I was told this was because I hadn't held it taut enough. I could feel the hairs on my face but the lady didn't attempt to remove them, I asked the lady if she had something to remove them (like a hairdresser does) I was given a tissue and told to wipe away. My eyebrows felt battered and bruised but they had a nice shape.

The pics..



Right eye

Eyes closed

Left eye

I paid £17.50 for the eyebrow threading and I must say I came away feeling underwhelmed and disappointed in the service I received. I found the girl unfriendly, she didn't put me at ease at all, even though she knew I had never had it done before. I didn't really enjoy the fact that I was 'on show' for the price that I was paying. I felt she was blaming me for not being good at holding my eyes taut enough and ending up with the blood (They hurt when I touched them for a good 24 hours after). I know this is meant to be an express service but I don't think it would hurt to remove the client's hairs off their face. It did feel like I was on a conveyer belt yet there was noone else there!

She offered me a loyalty card but to be honest I don't think I will be returning in a hurry.

Have you had your brows threaded? What do you think of my new eyebrows?


  1. I really wanted to go to this salon as I had read good reviews in the past. Don't think I'll be going there any time soon! What a shame you had a bad experience.

  2. I had mine done once in a very random 'pop up' shop at the end of Oxford Street. It cost £7 but was well worth it as she did a great job at shaping and taming my brows. I would agree it hurts like hell (but never as bad as the upper lip wax!) but I think threading lasts longer than waxing and is worth the pain. A shame you had such a bad experience. Just goes to show it's not always price or location that dictates quality.

  3. I really think it depends on where you go. My first experience was awful, really painful and would have been quite happy to walk out with just one eyebrow being done.

    Since then I have had it done on several occasions at various places. The difference between my first try and all the others was how taut you hold - the more taut = less pain.

    I definitely think that the shape is better when threaded and it does seem to take the hair longer to grow back.

    I can recommend places in Cardiff, Leeds and Leicester if anyone is interested in trying it out.


    1. Hi, what places in Leeds would you recommend? thanks a lot x

  4. Good review but sorry to hear you were underwelmed. Planning on getting mine done for the first time - can anyone recommend a better place in bristol? Scarlett X

  5. I agree with Sarah it depends on where you go and sometimes on the person who threads them.

    For example a friend and I visited a small place a few weeks back, it was a small beauty salon and we were charged £2.50 each. We both had different ladies threading our eyebrows. The lady I had did a great job and I was happy but the lady my friend had wasn't helpful at all and did a rubbish job and she was a bit annoyed. In the end the lady I had ended up finished my friends eyebrows.

    I would recommend if anyone lives in areas were there are Asian beauty salons to visit them as most of the time they're cheaper and will have a separate area where you can relax a bit without people walking by.

    I have very sensitive skin and I have never had any bleeding (sometimes I don't hold the skin taut enough as well) and although it goes red my skin I never experience soreness after a few hours let alone a day.

  6. Its so annoying when you are looking forward to something and it turns out a bit rubbish. I have had my brows threaded in Debenhams at the Trafford Centre, first several times was by fantastic Asian lady who chatted away, told me what to expect and what to do and gave me killer eye brows. The last time was a young non-Asian girl, who made my eye lid bleed and left me with crappy straggly brows, haven't had them done since! I tend to trim them myself and just tidy up with the tweezers. Def think the people that are suggesting finding asian beauty salons are spot on, those ladies really know what they are doing when it comes to threading!

  7. I have my eyebrows threaded regularly at my salon - and it's a Lebanese man who does them. Unfortunately, he doesn't do a good job and it hurts a lot. When I was last in London, I went to Blink in Selfridges to have them threaded. But I think they have them in John Lewis and House of Fraser on Oxford Street... I was very happy with how the lady did them. I didn't really know how to explain what I wanted, but she was able to just do it!

  8. I have had my eyebrows both threaded and waxed at a couple of different Shavata eyebrow studios and ONCE at Blink (never again). My experience of the Shavata eyebrow studios was excellent. The service and shape were extremely good and I felt that the shape took several years off my eyes and opened them up. I preferred the waxing to the threading but only because the threading did sting a little, briefly, the over all effect of threading was slightly better. My preferred studios were Harrods and House of Fraser in Oxford Street, both really highly recommended.

  9. I am Indian myself but i think shavata is really ripping the British public. You can get the same service and just as talented people in local salons on high streets. Besides she really is no authority on the subject. This ancient art of eyebrow threading dates from ancient can get perfect eyebrows at local Indian beauty salons for under five pounds.

  10. wow! sounds like you had a VERY bad experience. I am in Australia and searched the internet for an eyebrow threader. I ended up going to a Indian lady who does them from here house. This was my first time and there was no pain, (i usually get them waxed and waxing hurts more). She was very nice and new exactly the perfect shape to do. It was fairly expensive $35 AU, but i didn't mind paying her skills

  11. Sounds like a bad experience - must admit I have been having my brows threaded for a few years now ( previously waxed them ) - I find it's a bit hit and miss finding someone who shapes your brows how YOU like them, keep looking - you should not have any pain ( only slight pinching) and certainly no blood ( too aggressive with the thread) hope she removed all make up first as this can cause infection I have looked at your before and after pictures (and honestly) I'm not impressed . I pay on average £5 - £8 for brow shaping - never been on display or rushed by my beautician. I'ts hard complaining about these type of treatments probably best to keep looking and when you find someone who's giving you the best look - keep them and tip well. x


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