Friday 29 July 2011

One For The Men - Boss Just Different

I find it really interesting that we spend money on buying perfume and aftershave for others, we choose what we like the smell of and want them to smell like, particularly if it is for our other half..

I often wonder whether research has been done on the top ten aftershaves popular with men and if this is echoed by what women would choose for their man and the same research carried out with perfume. I think it would make interesting reading.

I think these days we are far more clued up on the different fragrances families so when we go into a shop or department store we are able a) sniff and identify similar scents or b) mention what the person normally wears and ask the consultant's advice on what would be similar.

I am not a huge fan of Hugo Boss scents for women,  I only really like Hugo Boss Orange. However, I do find myself drawn to the wonderful scents of Hugo Boss men. These really hit the spot for me and luckily my husband agrees. My favourite is 'Boss Bottled' which smells divine and alluring.

At a recent Christmas press launch I was at, a bottle of the latest Hugo Boss fragrance for men was included in the press pack - 'Just Different'.

Just Different is described by Hugo Boss as a vibrant fragrance with a cool twist to inspire whatever you do. With top notes of ice cold mint, heart notes of basil and freesia and base notes of cashmeran.

What this translates to -

A seriously sexy and manly fragrance.

If I had to describe it in simple terms, it would be like Farenheit (Christian Dior) but updated and fresh. I have always loved Fahrenheit which I now consider to be a classic, this is destined to be a classic too. The base note is Cashmeran which is a musky odour. I did detect a bit of vanilla as the scent was fading.. doing a bit of research I found out that Cashmeran's composition contains vanilla.

The bottle is completely black from front to back, just displaying the Hugo Boss logo. The bottle is encased in a 'soft touch' material and the design is a cool hip flask which unscrews.

This bang up to date fragrance fits in well with the Huge Boss brand and I can see it being up there with the best sellers.

The big question is .. did it appeal to my incredibly fussy 'when it comes to scent' husband?... well happily it did, he never leaves home now without a spray or two or three!

Hugo Boss Just Different EDT is available from The Perfume Shop priced at £36.50 for 100ml

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  1. One benefit of running a guest house is being able to rifle guests wash bags! not a routine occurance you understand but we had one mail guest who always smelt divine, I did a quick reccy and found he was wearing Boss for Men, its lovely too and I insisted on buying OH a bottle!


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