Friday 1 July 2011

Oral-B Pro- Expert - Brand New Toothpaste

From today there will be yet another toothpaste on the Supermarket shelf to choose from - Oral-B Pro Expert.

Last night I was invited to its launch and had the pleasure of meeting dentist Dr James Russell from The London Smile Clinic and TV's embarrassing bodies. He dazzled us with the science behind and the results of trials of this new toothpaste.

Pro-Expert took 15 years to develop and is described as 'the next generation of toothpaste. It is the first and only toothpaste to combine two ingredients : Stannous Fluoride and the Polyphosphate System.

Now these two ingredients might not mean much to you, they mean very little to me but what is important to me is that my toothpaste does everything I need from it... and this appears to do it all. Offering comprehensive protection with the strapline 'Protects the areas dentists check most' it will deal with Cavities, Gum, Plaque, Sensitivity, Enamel, Tartar, Whitening and Breath.

The results do look impressive

Its whitening credentials - Clinical research showed up to 96% less stains in two weeks!

I have in my possession various other results from the studies, fresher breath after 3 weeks compared to a standard fluoride toothpaste, 44% less sensitivity after 8 weeks compared to a normal toothpaste and so it goes on with all the other concerns that we have with our teeth. If you do want any more information please let me know.

I love brushing my teeth and will do anything to prevent dental interference and the dreaded dentist's drill so am willing to give this a try. The idea that this will negate the need for specific toothpastes for a certain problem appeals to me, ie not needing a separate whitening paste or one to deal with my sensitivity.

Armed with my electric toothbrush I will be trying this out for at least two weeks and will give my verdict on this new paste that by the way smells professional like the dentist's and apparently is a bit crunchy at the beginning!

If you would like to buy Oral-B Pro Expert you can find it in Boots, supermarkets and other leading retailers costing RRP £3.49 for 75 mls.


  1. Can't wait to see what you make of this, I love trying new toothpaste out so I'm going to have a look around to see i can get myself this. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. It's running on promotion at £1.60 in Superdrug!


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