Tuesday 23 April 2013

Victorinox Victoria Eau De Toilette - Review

This Spring there have been many new scent launches, a perfect time to update your perfume collection. Amongst these there has been a plethora of lighter eau (water) scents - some of existing perfumes and some altogether new...personally I am not a huge fan of heavy scents generally, most of them tend to irritate my sensitive from hayfever nose which is a real shame as a lot are really lovely, just unwearable by me.

Anyway I digress, for those of you who love your scents strong, the type that make a statement then I have just the one for you - Victorinox Victoria. I fell in love with this from the very first spray. It is simply quite beautiful and I feel a nod to the 80's power scents that many of you believe are missing in the new fragrances.

My mother is always complaining that shortly after spraying the newer fragrances she can barely smell them and they just don't last like they used to and in this modern fragrance I have the answer.

Victorinox Victoria EDT

Victoria is described as the epitome of independent femininity

Top notes: Freesia, Plum and Blackcurrant
Heart notes: Bulgarian Rose, Lily of The Valley, Viola
Base notes: Cedar Leaf, Sandalwood, White Musk, Myrrh

My thoughts

This is a strong and classical floral fragrance that is unashamedly feminine. It is clear and fresh, a really  stunning scent for Summer. The notes that really stand out for me are the blend of Freesia and Lily of The Valley. Personally I struggle to identify the fruit notes which is not a bad thing as I am not overly keen on sweet, fruity scents, this is not sweet or fruity but the overall composition resembles the most fragrant of bouquets.

I sprayed this on my mum's arm whilst fawning about how much I love it, I left the room and when I re-entered the gorgeous scent had enveloped the room. So, so nice!

Simple and stylish.

Victorinox Victoria EDT Spray costs £51 for 100ml and is available to purchase here

From the makers of the Swiss Army Knife

*PR Sample

** Try before you buy **

Head to the Victoria e-Bouquet Creator where you can arrange digital bouquets for friends and family which you can then send as a postcard in the post alongside a sample of the scent.

You can pick your favourite flowers from a meadow and create your own unique bouquet. In addition you can place your bouquets on a voting gallery. Friends, family, fans and followers can vote for their favourites and get a chance to win. The first prize for the best bouquet is a spa trip for two and the second and third prizes are the Victoria fragrance with its golden evening pouch and leather bracelet.


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