Friday 12 April 2013

The Office Fling - The Friday Column

The Office Fling - A Poem

Was it just a fling or an office romance
All I knew was my heart started to dance
Our eyes met, pure escapism started
I knew then we should never be parted

Back at home I stared at my life full of drudgery
Long gone the feelings that made us all fluttery
Temptation was calling, grass greener on the other side
Yes looking at this I had made up my mind

So there it happened I said goodbye to one
Ready for my new life, a life in the Sun
Full of hope this time I had made it right
A love like no other, the future looked bright

My intentions were good please don't doubt
I will let you into a secret, the truth be out
The grass greener was not the solution
In my desperation, it was just an illusion

So here I am five years later, oh the shame
Because it seems my life is just the same
Let this be a warning oh whimsical one
You can't turn back the clock, it can't be done

An original work of fiction - all rights reserved


  1. Oh no, I'm sad the grass wasn't greener after all. Perhaps green pastures lie ahead yet. x

  2. There are no easy answers I guess. A sad piece to read.

  3. Whatever gets us to where we need to go... perhaps both these relationships were bridges that needed to be crossed. Thanks so much for linking to #Prose4T x

  4. Oh this is very sad. It is so hard to tell whether something is for real, isn't it?

  5. Sometimes life throws choppy seas our way, we have to get a stronger raft that's all... at the time of course, none of it makes sense, goodness knows sometimes, ten years down the line, it still does't make sense, but eventually it will. Every thing happens for a reason. The future is brighter for this once office worker I feel!


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