Friday 26 April 2013

A Summer Poem - The Friday Column

The Sun's out bringing itchy watery eyes
Sunglasses vainly try but fail to disguise
Freshly cut grass causing sneezes galore
Hay fever woes, can I take much more

Picnics in the park with wasps not far behind
Landing on Strawberry Tarts, sure you won't mind
Cricket being played on the village green
Frolicking young lovers hoping not to be seen

Sunhat, flip flops and ice bucket ready
A trip to the beach, can we take teddy?
Ice cream on the pebbles, dipping toes in the sea
Daddy drinking beer, fish and chips for tea

Strappy tops and shorts embracing the heat
The barbeque poised to cook plenty of meat
Family and friends making most of the light
Garden parties with music late into the night

Paddling pools shrill with the laughter of child
It may be cold water but to them it seems mild
British Summer so short and yet thrilling
Despite the cloud and rain we give it top billing

An original work of fiction - all rights reserved 


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