Wednesday 17 April 2013

St Ives Natural Beauty Challenge

I was recently contacted by the St Ives team and asked whether I would like to take up the challenge of capturing and defining my idea of Natural Beauty, I duly accepted the challenge and will share my photo a bit later on in this post.

I think that nearly almost everyone of us girls has picked up a tube of St Ives Facial Scrub or two along the way of our skincare journey, I know I have! I have enjoyed the gorgeous scent of Apricot whilst cleansing...

St Ives say

St Ives facial scrubs are made with 100% natural exfoliants and extracts that deeply cleanse so you will have younger, fresher and healthier looking skin in just 7 days. That's a promise!

I haven't tried one of the scrubs recently but I am looking forward to giving it a go as I love my skin appearing brighter and more radiant.

Now when I was thinking of what I would like to capture that defined natural beauty I immediately thought that the most naturally beautiful thing in life is the birth of new life. I really do believe this. I went back and looked over old photos to try to find a photo of my son in those magical first few hours after his birth but none were really what I was looking for.

Last week I was heading to the tube station and on this journey I have to pass by a pond and I came across some ducks..nothing unusual about that you may say, however as I got closer I noticed that there were fluffy young ducklings too!

Nature at its best.

Virtually everyone that passed by, stopped to take a look and enjoy the moment. It is such an adorable and charming sight.  In the background of the photograph is the huge duck pond but the ducks and ducklings had ventured to a small puddle.

I call this picture - Ducklings in the Training Pond

I hope you like my vision of Natural Beauty.

The images will be judged by a well known beauty photographer, who will select an overall winner. The winner – along with all the photo submissions – will be revealed and displayed at a gallery style event held in May in central London for all entrants.

The blogger with the photo judged to be the best depiction of natural beauty will take home a Tree House getaway for two, along with a professional camera for themselves and one to give away to one of their readers.


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