Monday 15 April 2013

The Other Woman - The Friday Column

The Other Woman - A poem 

Bound by the chains of emotion
I couldn't see right from wrong
Hurt by past indiscretions
I'd never felt love this strong

Waiting for the phone to ring
Tears falling down my cheek
Coming together at midnight
I know I shouldn't be so weak

When I am with you I feel so secure
Heaven knows why I feel this way
Safe just for tonight held in strong arms
Come morning I know you won't stay

Forever condemned as the other woman
Missing out on all that life brings
Never fear my love I'll be waiting
For the day you make my heart sing

An original work of fiction - all rights reserved


  1. i know i don't need to love every poem you write but this one is also striking a chord in me. I can't get into details xx
    love it xx


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