Friday 5 April 2013

A Year and A Day - The Friday Column

A Poem - A Year and A Day

It's been a year and a day since you walked away
And not one phone call or text to say you are ok
I guess if I am honest I am not surprised
It was all there, I saw it in your eyes

Don't get me wrong I am not sat here pining
Although of course at first there was whining
I just miss the things that were familiar
We were like one, really quite similar

We sat and drank wine till the sun rose
We laughed and made plans I thought you'd propose
Then all of sudden you would come home late
Said you were working, making me wait

Passing by your office one day I saw you leave
Witnessing something that made me heave
I shrieked and sobbed, I felt funny
I saw her in your arms, a swell in her tummy

Yes it's been a year and a day since you walked away
I know, I know I begged you that day to stay
Would you believe I am honestly relieved
Free to find someone who respects and adores me.

An original work of fiction - all rights reserved


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