Thursday 11 April 2013

Hampstead Tea London - Iced Teas Reviewed

I was recently sent some Iced Teas to review from Hampstead Tea. Now the last time I drank iced tea was way back in the late 1980's when my dad brought some back from America in a 'look at what I found over there' gift haul.

As a child I didn't drink tea so I was suitably unimpressed with the iced tea he brought back .. my tastes have changed a lot since I was a child and I love tea now so was only too happy try these iced teas out.

When I opened the parcel I was instantly taken by the cute carton packaging and design. These mini cartons are adorable and looked fun and bright in my fridge - I know it is all about the taste but aesthetically these are very pleasing and tempting!

Hampstead Tea London say 

Great taste from fine leaf tea
Low calories, full of antioxidants
No preservatives
Recyclable packaging

My thoughts 

I was sent all three flavours in the range

Raspberry Darjeeling Organic Iced Tea

Just like a fruit tea but whereas they smell much better than they taste this is full of delicious fruity raspberry flavour, a really nice tea blend.


Darjeeling tea
Raspberry Juice (4%)
Lemon juice (0.6%)

Elderflower Oolong Organic Iced Tea

Out of the three this was my least favourite. It had a nice subtle taste and scent of elderflower but I found the aftertaste a bit too bitter for my palate.


Oolong tea
Elderflower (3.5%)
Lemon juice

Lemon Green Organic Iced Tea

The Lemon Green was my absolute favourite, bright and refreshing this tasted fantastic. A green tea with just the right amount of lemon flavour. I love how natural this tastes, no nasty synthetic lemon flavour in sight!


Green tea
Lemongrass tea
Lemon juice (2%)

Final thoughts

When the hot weather hits I love an ice cold frappe but these Iced Teas are thirst quenching, refreshing and low calorie. They make a great alternative. Best served ice cold.

For more details visit Hampstead Tea

*Samples sent for review


  1. I love the elderflower one. I find the bitterness very refreshing in the heat. I wonder if we will get a summer?

  2. Oh wow! I'd totally go for these - especially that raspberry one! X

  3. Hmmmm....Never heard of this brand but I find their teas interesting. I think they taste great and I would love to try them out too. I love teas so why not...


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