Friday 11 October 2013

The First Flush Of Love - A Poem

The First Flush Of Love

Nothing can match the first flush of love
The initial rush of excitement and heart beating fast
Excitement abounds wondering when's the next date
Butterflies in the stomach, I have found my soul mate

Dancing around my room like a fool
A stupid grin on my face I can't quite lose
My hormones running riot I hope you feel the same
My heart not my head is surely to blame

Your voice on the phone, me shaking with nerves
A sense of relief you want to see me again
It's only been a few weeks and yet I can't bear to part
Like a brush to an easel, relationships are an art

As time goes by the excitement begins to fade
A content feeling, the start of the second phase
Emotions are cooled and I wonder what's wrong with you
Why can't you say those three words, I love you

An original work of fiction. All rights reserved


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