Tuesday 22 October 2013

ARK Skincare Remove Pre Skin Cleanse & Age Maintain Conditioning Cleanser

I mentioned recently that I had been lucky to have been trying out some great cleansers recently and now it is time to share another gem (or gems) with you.

When I was approached to try products from ARK I have to admit of not having heard of them so I had a quick look on their website to get a better feel for the products and the ethos...

ARK Age Aware Skincare 

Your skin is the best indicator of your overall wellness and vitality. When it comes to boosting your confidence, great skin is the place to Start. ARK believes that to improve your skin you should also support its natural functions according to your age-related needs.

ARK have products in age categories.

Being in my mid 30's I was sent the Age Maintain Conditioning Cleanser (suitable for mid 30's -50) along with the Remove Pre Skin Cleanse for the famous double cleanse that is said to make a real difference to skin....

Remove Pre Skin Cleanse 125ml

ARK say 

A revolution in skin cleansing. This innovative product is the first step in our powerful cleansing routine. The multi-fruit lipid blend dissolves every last trace of daily grime, excess sebum and make-up – even waterproof mascara – while nourishing and soothing skin with a blend of natural ingredients.

Grape seed, Avocado and Kiwi Oil deeply nourish skin and protect against dryness
Margosa Leaf Extract destroys bacteria and inhibits its growth on the skin
Zi Cao is an Ayurvedic herb, which soothes sensitive skin

My thoughts 

This is a really smooth oil and gentle feeling oil. It doesn't really have much of a scent but it just feels like it is melting away heavy make up as you massage your skin. Once water makes contact with it it goes slightly milky like an emulsion as it rinses off. My skin is left feeling soft and ready for stage two, the cleanser.

Age Maintain Conditioning Cleanser 

ARK say 

This ultra-nourishing cleanser helps with skin’s natural exfoliation for a clear, radiant complexion. Effectively removes make-up and excess sebum to leave skin exquisitely clean, plump and supple. Perfect for sensitive souls as the natural ingredients soothe redness and inflammation too.

Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to boost skin’s moisture
Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ is a powerful antioxidant which helps skin firmness and elasticity
Moringa Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C and gently removes make-up and grime while retaining essential moisture

My thoughts 

The cleanser has a slight gel texture to it and a really pleasant delicate citrus scent. It gently lathers up and leaves skin feeling uber soft and silky and incredibly clean ready for applying the next stage of skincare.

I have to say that I saw (and am still seeing) a real difference to my skin using the double cleanse method, The products are so nice and gentle feeling that spending a little longer cleansing my face is not a chore at all and certainly doesn't feel like I am spending any longer on it. My skin feels beautifully soft, looks really clear. In fact I had some tiny white spots on my cheek bones that had been there for what felt like forever and these have disappeared (except for the odd hormonal appearance) making my skin look smoother and dare I say it more youthful!

Beautiful cleansing and incredibly gentle. Fabulous skincare.

ARK Remove Pre Skin Cleanse 125ml £24

ARK Age Maintain Conditioning Cleanser 250ml £23

Also available is a Double Cleanse Set featuring both these items for just £41

*PR Samples

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  1. I got sent these too and I love them as well. I've bought the moisturiser and the anti-ageing primer. I love the packaging too looks great in my bathroom!


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