Thursday 3 October 2013

One Last Goodbye - A Poem

One Last Goodbye 

I had to come and say one last goodbye
This time I promised myself I wouldn't cry
The music played, the bells rang
Guests sauntered in, the voices sang

Hiding in the bushes, ridiculous I know
I don't wish to be spotted, not wanting a show
The doors burst open, happiness oozing
Woe betide the old man caught snoozing

The photographer appears capturing the occasion
Shrills of laughter fill the air with elation
I shouldn't have come, this was a mistake
Come to my senses, give myself a shake

And yet I can't move, I long for one last kiss
The one etched in my memory, the one of bliss
She makes you happy I know this is true
You told me this once, when we were through

I reach out to touch you and hear her scream
What is SHE doing here, letting out steam
I am sorry I mutter, this was not my intention
See there is one thing I forgot to mention

The day you left me lying in our bed
Many words uttered, some left unsaid
The swell of my tummy, I don't need to say
I am pregnant, the baby, It's due in May

You seethed in anger, your eyes said it all
Alice you wailed, your timing is impeccable
The bouquet tossed to one side, the bride ran away
Perhaps I shouldn't have gone that fateful day

An original work of fiction. All rights reserved


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