Thursday 3 October 2013

A Poem For National Poetry Day

A Cloud In The Sky

It was a beautiful sunny day
With not a cloud in the sky
The leaves rustled with a gentle breeze
With that I waved Summer goodbye

I stared into your crystal blue eyes
I tried desperately to read your mind
Noticing a flicker of movement in your lips
Clinging to this moment, arms entwined

Brushing away my tears, before you pulled us apart
My head screamed don't let him see
I pretended to smile, keeping my pain inside
Only now I realized it wasn't to be

You turned and walked away, I sobbed silently
In quivering voice I called out goodbye
I whispered I love you, I'll never forget
It was then that I noticed the cloud in the sky

A poem written for National Poetry Day

An original work of fiction. All rights reserved.


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